20 Awesome Classroom Art Supplies Under $10

Are you looking for affordable art supplies to enhance your classroom creativity? Look no further! Here is a curated list of 20 awesome classroom art supplies all under $10. These supplies will surely inspire your students’ artistic abilities and spark their imagination without breaking the bank.

  1. Watercolor Paint Set: A set of vibrant watercolor paints is perfect for experimenting with colors in art projects.
  1. Colored Pencils: Encourage precise and detailed coloring with a set of quality colored pencils.
  1. Acrylic Paints: These versatile paints can be used on various surfaces and offer vibrant colors for any artwork.
  1. Sketching Pencils: Ideal for drawing and sketching, a set of sketching pencils is a must-have for any aspiring artist.
  1. Construction Paper: This colorful and sturdy paper is excellent for a wide range of projects, from collage to origami.
  1. Watercolor Paper Pad: Provide your students with the perfect canvas for their watercolor masterpieces.
  1. Glitter Glue: Add a touch of sparkle to artwork with glitter glue in a variety of colors.
  1. Modeling Clay: Let your students explore their 3D creativity with easy-to-mold modeling clay.
  1. Washable Markers: These markers are perfect for younger students, as they can easily be washed off clothes and hands.
  1. Oil Pastels: Introduce your students to the magical world of oil pastels and let them create rich and vibrant artwork.
  1. Paintbrush Set: Make sure your students have a variety of brush sizes to experiment with different painting techniques.
  1. Glue Sticks: Essential for any arts and crafts project, glue sticks provide a mess-free way to stick things together.
  1. Craft Scissors: Invest in a few pairs of child-safe craft scissors to ensure safety during art projects.
  1. Foam Brushes: These versatile brushes are perfect for applying paint, glue, or varnish to different surfaces.
  1. Chalk: Encourage your students’ creativity on a chalkboard or sidewalk with a set of colorful chalk.
  1. Pom-poms: These fluffy little balls are great for adding texture and dimension to art projects.
  1. Stickers: Choose a variety of themed stickers to add a fun and decorative touch to your students’ artwork.
  1. Pipe Cleaners: These bendable wires bring endless possibilities for creating sculptures and other craft projects.
  1. Googly Eyes: Add some personality to artwork with these fun and wiggly eyes.
  1. Craft Foam Sheets: Provide your students with a variety of colorful foam sheets to create unique masterpieces.

With these 20 awesome classroom art supplies under $10, your students will have everything they need to explore their creativity and produce amazing artwork. Enjoy unleashing their artistic potential while staying within budget!

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