20 Best Dream Catcher Activities for Kids

1. Mini Dream Catcher Craft: Guide your kids to create mini dream catchers using hoops, colorful threads, beads, and feathers. It’s a fun and easy activity for kids of all ages.

2. Dream Catcher Coloring Pages: Print out dream catcher-themed coloring pages and have your children use their favorite colors to bring them to life.

3. Storytime: Read a Native American story that features a dream catcher as part of the plot and discuss its cultural significance with your kids.

4. History Lesson: Teach your children about the origins of the dream catcher and its history within Native American traditions.

5. Paper Plate Dream Catchers: Cut the center out of paper plates, decorate the rims with paint, yarn, beads, and feathers, then weave a simple web in the middle.

6. DIY Bracelets: Use the basic dream catcher weaving technique to create beautiful bracelets that your kids can wear or give as gifts.

7. Mobiles: Combine multiple small dream catchers to create an eye-catching mobile to hang in your child’s bedroom.

8. Wall Art: Guide your kids in creating a large-scale dream catcher wall art using bigger hoops and adding more intricate details.

9. Origami Dream Catchers: Teach your children how to make colorful origami dream catchers using various folding techniques.

10. Painted Rocks: Jazz up garden decor by painting small rocks with dream catcher designs that can be placed around plants and flowers.

11. Cookie Decorating Activity: Bake sugar cookies shaped like dream catchers and let your kids decorate them using icing, sprinkles, and candies.

12. Clay Pendants: Mold clay into small discs and paint a mini dream catcher design on them for unique handmade jewelry.

13. Embroidery Hoop Art: Encourage your kids to create beautiful embroidered dream catchers using embroidery hoops as bases and incorporating various stitches for detail.

14. Keychains: Have your children make dream catcher keychains by weaving a tiny dream catcher around a keyring, complete with feathers and beads.

15. Dream Catcher Headbands: Turn the traditional dream catcher craft into a stylish headband for your kids to wear.

16. Drawstring Bags: Decorate small drawstring bags with dream catcher designs and bead accents for unique storage solutions.

17. Pillowcase Decorating: Encourage your kids to design their own dream catcher-inspired pillowcases using fabric markers or paint.

18. T-Shirt Stamping: Create custom stamps in the shape of dream catchers, then have your children decorate plain t-shirts with colorful ink and their new stamps.

19. Chalk Art: Use sidewalk chalk to draw large, colorful dream catchers on your driveway or pavement as an outdoor art activity.

20. Scavenger Hunt: Place various items related to dream catchers (like beads, feathers, strings, etc.) throughout your house or backyard, then stage a fun scavenger hunt for your kids to find these items and create their dream catchers from the materials found.

These 20 dream catcher activities are not only entertaining but also educational – they offer children an opportunity to learn about a fascinating aspect of Native American culture while enjoying hands-on creative fun!

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