20 Best Educational Netflix Shows for Kids and Teens

    1. “Brainchild” (Ages 7+)

  Explore various scientific concepts and engage in hands-on experiments in this educational series.

    1. “Ask the StoryBots” (Ages 4+)

 Adventure alongside the StoryBots as they discover answers to common questions about the world.

    1. “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” (Ages 4+)

 Join Ms. Frizzle and her class on exciting science-filled adventures aboard the Magic School Bus.

    1. “Word Party” (Ages 2+)

  Help your little ones build vocabulary and language skills through fun songs, games, and dancing.

    1. “Dino Hunt” (Ages 6+)

  Embark on a prehistoric adventure to learn about different dinosaurs, their behaviors, and habitats.

    1. “Wild Kratts” (Ages 6+)

Follow the Kratt brothers as they explore and protect various animal species around the world.

    1. “Emily’s Wonder Lab” (Ages 6+)

 Join Emily Calandrelli as she conducts exciting science experiments and teaches kids about STEM concepts.

    1. “StoryBots Super Songs” (Ages 2+)

  Sing along with the StoryBots to catchy tunes that teach essential educational concepts.

    1. “Tales of Arcadia” (Ages 10+)

 Dive into a thrilling animated series that combines fantasy and adventure with important life lessons.

    1. “Ask the Doctor” (Ages 12+)

   Discover the answers to common medical questions and learn about the inner workings of the human body.

    1. “Our Planet” (Ages 7+)

 Explore the wonders of the natural world and learn about conservation efforts to protect our planet.

    1. “Puffin Rock” (Ages 3+)

   Follow the adorable puffins Oona and Baba as they explore their island home and learn about nature.

    1. “Justin Time Go!” (Ages 4+)

 Join Justin and his friends on imaginative journeys through different time periods and cultures.

    1. “Wild China” (Ages 10+)

   Embark on a visually stunning documentary series that delves into the diverse ecosystems of China.

    1. “The Who Was? Show” (Ages 8+)

   Learn about historical figures through a mix of live-action sketches, animated segments, and trivia.

    1. “Ask the Astronaut” (Ages 10+)

    Get answers to space-related questions from real astronauts and learn about space exploration.

    1. “Octonauts” (Ages 3+)

   Dive underwater with the Octonauts as they navigate exciting missions and learn about marine life.

    1. “Big Dreams, Small Spaces” (Ages 10+)

  Follow aspiring gardeners as they transform their small spaces into beautiful, flourishing gardens.

    1. “Word Party Songs” (Ages 2+)

  Sing along with the Word Party characters to catchy tunes that reinforce essential language skills.

    1. “SciGirls” (Ages 8+)

  Join a group of young girls as they engage in fun and educational STEM activities and experiments.

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