20 Best Typing Apps for Students in Elementary and Middle/High School

  1. Typing.com: A comprehensive and free typing program with tutorials, lessons, and games suitable for all grade levels.
  1. Nitro Type: A fun and competitive racing game that helps students improve their typing speed and accuracy.
  1. TypingClub: An interactive platform offering lessons, practice exercises, and assessment tools.
  1. KeyBlaze Typing Tutor: Offers touch typing lessons, games, and tests to enhance typing skills.
  1. Dance Mat Typing: An engaging typing game targeted towards elementary school students that teaches different keyboarding techniques.
  1. KidzType: Provides a range of typing exercises and games catered specifically to younger students.
  1. Ratatype: Offers various typing lessons and tests with a user-friendly interface.
  1. Sense Lang: Provides a collection of typing exercises, games, and tutorials for students of all ages.
  1. TypingMaster: A comprehensive typing tutor with personalized exercises and adaptive learning.
  1. 1 TypingTraining.com: Offers typing lessons, speed tests, and games to improve typing proficiency.
  2. TypeTastic: Engaging games and activities designed to teach typing skills to young learners.
  1. Typing.io: A typing platform focused on coding languages, helping students improve coding and typing simultaneously.
  1. KeyHero: A typing game specifically designed to help students become faster and more accurate typists.
  1. Rapid Typing Tutor: A free typing tutor offering lessons, games, and tests for learners of all ages.
  1. TypingWeb: An online typing program with a variety of interactive lessons and practice exercises.
  1. Typing Fingers: A finger placement-focused typing app with customizable exercises for different skill levels.
  1. TIPP10: A free touch typing tutor with a simplistic interface and comprehensive training program.
  1. TypeRacer: A competitive typing game that motivates students to improve their speed and accuracy.
  1. TypeLift: Offers typing lessons with real-time feedback and personalized training plans.
  1. Type Fu: An engaging typing program with gamified exercises and progress tracking features.

These typing apps are designed to help students in elementary and middle/high school improve their typing skills in a fun and interactive way. Whether they need to enhance their accuracy, speed, or finger placement, these apps offer various lessons, games, and tests to cater to different learning styles.

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