20 Brilliant Rainbow Crafts and Activities

Rainbows never fail to bring a smile to our faces, no matter how old we are. The vibrant colors and the magical arcs give us a sense of joy and wonder. If you’re looking for some creative and engaging ways to incorporate rainbows into your day, we have you covered. Here are 20 brilliant rainbow crafts and activities that will make your world a little more colorful:

  1. Rainbow Handprint Art: Create a keepsake by making a rainbow using handprints in different colors.
  1. Rainbow Salt Art: Use colored salt to create stunning rainbow designs.
  1. Rainbow Bubble Art: Blow bubbles onto paper and watch as the colors mix together to form a beautiful rainbow pattern.
  1. Rainbow Paper Chain: Cut strips of colored paper and link them together to make a vibrant rainbow chain.
  1. Rainbow Collage: Cut out various colored shapes and glue them onto a poster board to create a collage of a rainbow.
  1. Rainbow Bracelets: Make colorful bracelets using beads in different rainbow hues.
  1. Rainbow Butterfly Streamers: Design and make rainbow-colored butterfly streamers to hang in your garden.
  1. Rainbow Windsock: Create a windsock using colored paper and ribbons in rainbow colors.
  1. Rainbow Sensory Bottle: Fill a clear bottle with colored water and glitter to create a mesmerizing sensory experience.
  2. Rainbow Slime: Mix different colors of slime together to create a rainbow-inspired gooey masterpiece.
  1. Rainbow Fruit Kabobs: Thread different fruits onto skewers to create a delicious and healthy rainbow snack.
  1. Rainbow Puzzles: Cut out a rainbow shape from cardboard and divide it into puzzle pieces for some rainbow-themed puzzling fun.
  1. Rainbow Tambourine: Decorate a tambourine with colorful ribbons and stickers to make your own rainbow-themed musical instrument.
  1. Rainbow Ice Cube Painting: Freeze colored water in ice cube trays and use them to paint vibrant rainbow pictures.
  1. Rainbow Color Mixing: Experiment with mixing different colors of paint or food coloring to create unique rainbow shades.
  1. Rainbow Paper Plate Fish: Use paper plates and colorful materials to create adorable rainbow fish.
  1. Rainbow Foam Dough: Mix shaving cream with food coloring to create a squishy rainbow foam dough.
  1. Rainbow Soap: Make your own rainbow-colored soap bars using colored layers.
  1. Rainbow Hopscotch: Draw a rainbow-colored hopscotch grid and have fun hopping from color to color.
  1. Rainbow Balloon Volleyball: Inflate balloons in rainbow colors and play a volleyball game using rainbow-themed rules.

These 20 brilliant rainbow crafts and activities are sure to brighten up your day and add a whole lot of color to your life. So get creative, have fun, and let the rainbow magic unfold!

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