20 Creative Bubble Painting Ideas for Kids


Bubble painting is a fun and engaging activity that allows children to explore their creativity and develop fine motor skills. It’s perfect for kids of all ages, as it requires minimal setup and clean-up. This article will discuss 20 creative bubble painting ideas for kids to try at home or in the classroom.

1. Rainbow Bubbles: Add a drop of food coloring to different containers filled with bubble solution; then let the kids create amazing rainbow bubble paintings by blowing bubbles onto paper.

2. Bubble Prints: Encourage children to blow bubbles directly onto paper, then gently press another sheet on top to create abstract prints.

3. Nature-Inspired Paintings: Take the activity outside and use leaves, flowers, or sticks to create unique patterns and designs with the bubbles.

4. Giant Bubbles: Fill up a kiddie pool or large container with bubble solution and let children create enormous bubble paintings using hula hoops or large wands.

5. Bubble Stencils: Create bubble paintings using stencils or taped shapes on paper as a guide for a more structured masterpiece.

6. Watercolor-Inspired Bubble Art: Let the kids water down their bubble paintings for a beautiful watercolor effect.

7. Collaborative Art Projects: Have children work together to create a large-scale bubble painting that will make a stunning classroom display!

8. Bubble Painted Animals: Use bubble prints as the base for animal faces, which can be decorated with additional materials such as googly eyes, pipe cleaners, or colorful construction paper shapes.

9. Swirl Paint Designs: Using straws, have kids gently blow at the bubble painting to create swirls and interesting patterns in their art.

10. Bubble Painted Alphabet: Challenge your little ones to create each letter of the alphabet using blown bubbles on card stock

11. Blow under The Influencer Art Project: Inspired by famous works of art, children can create versions of paintings using bubble paint.

12. Save The Galaxy: Design bubble-painted planets and stars for a space-themed art project.

13. Bubble Painted Mandalas: Encourage mindfulness by creating symmetrical, circular patterns with bubble paint.

14. Bubble-Painted Seasons: Create a series of paintings representing each season – spring blossoms, summer beach scenes, fall foliage, and winter wonderland.

15. Under-The-Sea Adventure: Utilize bubble paint to create an underwater scene complete with fish, seaweed, and other marine life.

16. Bubble-Painted Trees: Blow bubbles onto paper to create tree trunks and branches, then use finger painting for the leaves or blossoms.

17. Splatter Bubble Paint: Add paint-filled water balloons to your activity and allow children to pop them over the canvas for a splatter effect.

18. Bubble Painted Silhouettes: Use pre-cut silhouettes or have children make their own before allowing them to blow bubbles onto it, creating a unique piece of art that showcases their silhouette against their bubble painting

19. Layered Creations: Create multiple layers of bubble art on a single canvas using different colors for added depth and visual interest.

20. Glowing Masterpieces: Add some glow-in-the-dark paint or pigment to the bubble solution for an unforgettable nighttime painting experience!


These 20 creative bubble painting ideas offer a variety of enjoyable projects that will engage kids in artistic exploration while promoting creativity and skill development. So, grab some bubble solution, paper, and colorants – it’s time to start blowing bubbles and create amazing works of art!

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