20 Creative Ways To Use Milk Crates in Your Classroom

  1. Storage Solution: Use milk crates to organize and store books, art supplies, stationery, or other classroom materials. Stack them up or arrange them side by side to create customized storage units.
  1. Seating Options: Flip the milk crates upside down and add a cushion on top to create comfortable seating for students. You can even cover the crates with fabric or vinyl for added aesthetics.
  1. Mini Library: Turn milk crates into mini bookshelves by placing them in a corner or against a wall. Students can easily access their favorite books and keep the classroom library organized.
  1. Display Boards: Attach fabric or corkboard to the backs of milk crates and hang them on the walls as display boards. Use these boards to showcase student artwork, achievements, or important information.
  1. Desk Organization: Set milk crates on students’ desks to create individualized organizers. Students can keep their notebooks, folders, and supplies neatly arranged in their personal crate.
  1. Prop Storage: Use milk crates to store and organize props for drama or role-playing activities. Label each crate according to the props inside for easy retrieval.
  1. Planters: Transform milk crates into mini garden beds. Fill them with soil and plant flowers, herbs, or small vegetables. This can be a great hands-on learning experience for students.
  1. Sensory Bins: Fill milk crates with sand, water, rice, or other sensory materials. Let students explore different textures and engage their senses during sensory playtime.
  1. Science Experiments: Use milk crates to create experimental stations for science activities. Equip each crate with materials and equipment needed for a specific experiment, making it easy for students to work in groups.
  1. Building Blocks Storage: Store building blocks or STEM materials in milk crates. They can be easily accessed and put away, keeping the classroom tidy and organized.
  1. File Cabinet Alternative: Use milk crates as file holders for students’ assignments, worksheets, or classwork. Assign each student a crate and teach them to maintain their own filing system.
  1. Art Supply Caddy: Fill milk crates with art supplies like paintbrushes, crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Place the crates in a central location for students to access during art activities.
  1. Portable Bookshelves: Transport books from one area of the classroom to another using milk crates. This allows you to create temporary reading areas or move the books outside for outdoor reading.
  1. Toy Storage: If you have toys or manipulatives in your classroom, milk crates can be used to keep them organized. Sort them by type or activity and let students easily find the toys they need.
  1. Stool Alternatives: Stack milk crates and cover them with a cushion to create makeshift stools. These can serve as additional seating options during group work or collaborative activities.
  1. Garden Stools: Turn milk crates into garden stools by adding a cushion or repurposing an old pillow. These stools can be used during outdoor lessons or gardening activities.
  1. Display Stands: Paint milk crates in vibrant colors and use them as display stands for student projects, artwork, or announcements. Arrange them in different formations to create eye-catching displays.
  2. Recycling Bins: Use milk crates to collect recyclable materials in the classroom. Teach students the importance of recycling by labeling each crate for specific items like paper, plastic, or aluminum.
  1. Book Carts: Stack milk crates on a rolling cart to create a portable book storage and transportation system. This allows you to easily move books around the classroom or between classrooms.
  1. Indoor-Outdoor Classroom: Arrange milk crates in various configurations to create versatile seating or learning areas. Utilize them as stools, tables, or a low platform for outdoor classes.

These are just a few creative ways to use milk crates in your classroom. Get creative, involve your students, and discover new ways to make the most out of these versatile containers!

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