20 Delightful Drawing Games For Kids


Drawing games are a great way to engage children’s creativity and imagination. They promote fine motor skills, increase attention spans, and foster a love for art. Here are 20 delightful drawing games for kids that promise hours of artistic fun!

1. Pictionary: This classic game is perfect for kids, as they draw a word or phrase and their teammates try to guess it.

2. Blindfold Drawing: Children take turns wearing a blindfold and drawing objects, while other players offer guidance to help with the drawing.

3. Draw a Theme: Pick a theme, such as animals or nature, then have kids draw different elements related to the chosen theme within a time limit.

4. Connect the Dots: Start by drawing dots on paper and have the children connect them to create a picture.

5. Draw the Letter: Players pick letters from a bag or jar, then draw objects beginning with those letters.

6. Texture Drawing: Collect various textured surfaces like leaves and rocks, have kids place paper over them and then trace the texture with colored pencils or crayons.

7. Alphabet Animals: Assign an animal to each letter of the alphabet and have kids draw them in alphabetical order.

8. Copycat Drawing: One child creates a simple drawing while others try to replicate it exactly.

9. Memory Drawing: Show kids an object or image for 10 seconds, then have them recreate it from memory.

10. Storybook Drawing: Provide children with blank paper folded into pages, allowing them to write short stories and illustrate them.

11. Draw in Nature: Take kids outside to draw plants, animals, or landscapes around them.

12. Finish the Picture: Start by drawing incomplete images and have kids use their creativity to finish them off.

13. Environmental Art: Use natural materials like leaves and sticks to create beautiful outdoor artworks.

14. Exquisite Corpse: Each player draws a section of a picture, without seeing the previous sections, then reveals their surprisingly collaborative masterpiece.

15. Paper Plate Portraits: Kids draw their own or others’ faces on paper plates, creating fun caricatures.

16. Timed Color Challenge: Provide kids with a limited color palette and time period to create a colorful artwork.

17. Shapes and Lines: Start by drawing random shapes and lines, then encourage kids to turn them into recognizable objects or creatures.

18. Collaborative Drawing: Have children create a large art piece together, adding their individual touches collectively.

19. Musical Drawing: As kids draw, play different types of music to inspire their work.

20. Folded Paper Creatures: Fold paper in half, draw half of an animal or creature on one side and have the child complete the drawing on the other side after unfolding it.


These 20 delightful drawing games offer endless opportunities for creativity and fun with your children or students. Encourage them to explore various art supplies and experiment with different techniques, fostering a lifelong love for arts and crafts. So go ahead, grab your pencils and markers, and dive into the world of colorful imagination!

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