20 Fun And Colorful Painting Ideas For Kids


Painting is more than just a fun activity for kids – it’s a fantastic way to encourage creativity, develop motor skills, and boost self-confidence. And with so many different painting ideas to choose from, there’s no shortage of inspiration for your little artists. In this article, we’re sharing 20 fun and colorful painting ideas that will keep your children engaged and entertained for hours.

1. Finger Painting: A classic painting technique that allows kids to get messy and explore colors using their fingers. Perfect for younger children.

2. Potato Stamps: Carve out simple shapes from potatoes to use as stamps, then dip in paint and press onto paper.

3. Watercolor Resist: Draw patterns or images with a white crayon on watercolor paper, then paint over them with watercolors to reveal the hidden design.

4. Marble Painting: Place marbles dipped in paint inside a container with paper, then roll them around to create interesting patterns.

5. Sponge Painting: Cut sponges into various shapes and sizes, dip in paint, and press onto paper for a textured effect.

6. Bubble Wrap Printing: Wrap bubble wrap around a rolling pin or other cylindrical object, dip in paint, and roll onto paper for a unique pattern.

7. Nature Brushes: Collect small sticks, leaves, and grasses from outside to use as brushes instead of traditional ones – this encourages creativity and an appreciation for nature.

8. String Painting: Dip a piece of string in paint and drag it across paper to create abstract lines and shapes.

9. Salt Art: Sprinkle salt on wet watercolor paintings to create interesting textures when the paint dries.

10. Tape Art: Use masking tape to create designs on canvas or paper before painting over it. Once the paint dries, remove the tape to reveal the pattern.

11. Straw Blow Art: Drip some paint onto paper with a dropper, then blow through a straw to spread the paint in various directions.

12. Handprint Art: Have kids dip their hands in paint and press them onto paper to create fun and personalized designs.

13. Sand Painting: Mix sand with paint for a unique texture, then let kids create landscapes or abstract scenes using the mixture.

14. Collage Painting: Encourage kids to paint over collages made from newspapers, magazines, or scrap paper for added visual interest.

15. Stencil Art: Create custom stencils using cardboard or plastic sheets, then have kids paint through them onto paper or canvas.

16. Shadow Painting: Use objects to cast shadows on painting surfaces, then let kids trace the shadow’s outline and fill it in with color.

17. Ice Paint: Freeze water mixed with tempra paint in ice cube trays and let kids create vibrant art as the colors melt together.

18. Spin Art: Use a salad spinner or an old turntable to spin paper while dripping paint onto it for eye-catching, abstract creations.

19. Toothbrush Splatter Art: Load a toothbrush with paint and flick the bristles to create a splatter effect on paper – just be sure to protect your surroundings!

20. Colorful Rain Painting: Lay down waterproof paper outdoors during a light rainstorm and let the raindrops do the work as they mix provided drops of watercolor paint.


With these 20 fun and colorful painting ideas for kids, your little artists will never run out of inspiration. Encourage them to explore new techniques and materials as they experiment with their creative side, unlocking the endless possibilities of artistic expression. So grab some supplies and let your children dive into these imaginative projects today!

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