20 Fun Chalkboard Games for Kids


Chalkboard games are a fantastic way to engage kids in learning and creativity. With a simple chalkboard or chalk paint on a wall or pavement, the possibilities for fun and educational activities are endless. In this article, we’ll explore 20 fun chalkboard games that both entertain and teach valuable skills to children.

1. Chalkboard Pictionary:

Kids can practice their drawing skills by playing Pictionary on the chalkboard. One child would draw an item while others guess what it is, promoting teamwork and communication.

2. Tic-Tac-Toe:

Classic Tic-Tac-Toe can be played on a small portion of the chalkboard to help children practice strategic thinking.

3. Hopscotch:

Draw a hopscotch grid with numbers on the chalkboard, teaching kids about counting and coordination as they hop through the game.

4. Hangman:

This engaging word game helps children improve their vocabulary and spelling skills.

5. Large-Scale Maze:

Draw an elaborate maze on the entire surface of the chalkboard for kids to solve, either on foot or using chalk to trace their paths.

6. Word Search:

Create large word search puzzles related to different subjects or themes, improving your child’s vocabulary and focus.

7. Math Challenges:

Write age-appropriate math problems for kids to solve, teaching them problem-solving and arithmetic skills.

8. Connect the Dots:

Draw dot-to-dot pictures that encourage children to focus closely as they complete the image.

9. Alphabet Chalk Toss:

Write alphabets randomly on the board and have kids toss bean bags at letters called out – improving their alphabet recognition skills.

10. Chalk Bullseye:

Draw concentric circles with point values assigned in each section for children to work on their hand-eye-coordination as they aim bean bags or balls to score points.

11. Spelling Race:

Two or more kids race to write a given word correctly on the board, helping them improve their spelling skills.

12. Simon Says – Drawing Edition:

Players take turns being “Simon,” giving directives for others to draw, encouraging creativity and interpretation in their artwork.

13. Learning About Shapes:

Draw different shapes, teaching kids about geometry and spatial awareness as they identify each one.

14. Guess the Number:

One child thinks of a number within a given range, while others ask yes or no questions to guess the correct number – teaching logical thinking.

15. Chalk Art Gallery:

Allow children to unleash their creativity by drawing anything they want on their designated space of the chalkboard.

16. Add-on Story:

Kids take turns writing a sentence that adds onto an ongoing story, promoting creative story-telling and collaborative effort.

17. Time-Trial Multiplication Tables:

Children race against time to complete multiplication tables on the board, improving their numeracy skills.

18. Country Chalk Race:

Divide the chalkboard into sections labeled with different countries. Kids throw bean bags into the desired country section while learning geography at the same time!

19. Human Sundial:

Have kids stand in one spot and trace each other’s shadows at different times of day, teaching them about the earth’s rotation and time-keeping through the sun’s movement.

20. Walking Patterns:

Encourage children to create various patterns through walking on different sections of a chalk grid, improving cognitive flexibility and spatial awareness as they make intricate pathways.


These 20 fun chalkboard games offer endless hours of entertainment while also helping children develop essential cognitive and motor skills. So, grab some chalk, find an open space, and let your kids’ creativity soar!

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