General Easter Trivia Questions

  1. Q) What is the biggest breed of rabbit?
  2. A) Flemish Giant!
  3. Q) How many feet was the biggest rabbit recorded?
  4. A) A whopping 4 feet long! And as tall as an 8-year-old child!
  5. Q) One rabbit holds the Guinness world record for living the longest! How old was this rabbit? And for bonus points, can you guess the rabbit’s name?
  6. A) Flopsy the rabbit lived to be an amazing 18 years old!
  7. Q) In Australia, they don’t have the Easter Bunny, as rabbits have been known to wreak havoc on Australian ecosystems, so instead of a bunny, what animal does Australia have rather?
  8. A) An Easter Bilby! Bilbies were chosen as they are ecosystem helpers! They spend a lot of their time borrowing, which helps make burrows for lots of other species, so think of them as home builders for other animals
  9. Q) What small bread is filled with raisins, topped with icing, and served at Easter Time?
  10. A) Hot Cross Buns
  11. Q) Where is the largest egg museum located? And how many eggs are on display?
  12. A) Poland, the Easter Egg Museum has more than 1500 eggs from all over the world
  13. Q) What colors are associated with Easter?
  14. A) Purple and Yellow
  15. Q) How is the date Easter Sunday is held decided upon?
  16. A) By the Full Moon. Easter Sunday falls on the next Sunday following a Full Moon from March 22nd till April 25th
  17. Q) What is the most popular Easter candy in the US?
  18. A) Milk chocolate bunnies!
  19. Q) Where does Easter get its name?
  20. A) The pagan goddess Eostre
  21. Q) The world record for the largest chocolate Easter egg was made in what Country?
  22. A) Tosca, Italy
  23. Q) In what country did the tradition of the Easter bunny originate?
  24. A) Germany

True or False Easter Trivia Questions

  1. Q) True or False, are Easter Eggs always made of chocolate?
  2. A) False! In many countries, especially in Eastern Europe, eastern eggs are just normal boiled chicken eggs that are then decorated and painted by the family
  3. Q) Easter is celebrated on the same day everywhere in the world
  4. A) False! Orthodox Easter is usually on a later date than Easter around the world. The reason behind this is the different calculations based on the Orthodox Church calendar.
  5. Q) True or False? The biggest eastern egg in the world was created in Brazil.
  6. A) True!
  7. Q) True or False? For example, Easter Eggs are delivered by a cuckoo instead of a bunny in Switzerland.
  8. A) True! The cuckoo is Switzerland’s symbol of growth and rebirth, so it often replaces the bunny at Easter time!

Multiple Choice

  1. Q) Why do we eat Easter Eggs?
  2. A) They were Jesus’ favorite food!
  3. B) They are symbols of new life!
  4. C) They represent Jesus’ empty tomb after he was resurrected!
  5. D) Jesus’ disciples celebrated his resurrection by eating eggs!

Answer: B Eggs are symbols of new life, which is what Easter is all about!

  1. Q) In what century do we first have a record of Easter being celebrated?
  2. A) 1st Century AD
  3. B) 2nd Century AD
  4. C) 3rd Century AD
  5. D) 4th Century AD

Answer: B) There is a written record of Easter being celebrated as far back as the 2nd Century, but there may have been earlier unrecorded celebrations.

  1. Q) What Date Have the Most Easter Sundays Fallen on?
  2. A) 31 March
  3. B) 6 April
  4. C) 11 April
  5. D) 16 April

Answer: D) Since 1500, Easter Sunday has been on 16th April 23 times.

  1. Q) Which date has the least amount of Easter Sundays fallen on?
  2. A) 24 March
  3. B) 22 March
  4. C) 24 April
  5. D) 25 April

Answer: A) Since 1500, Easter Sunday has been on 24th March only three times.

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