20 Fun & Festive Turkey Coloring Activities!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to engage in fun and festive Turkey coloring activities. With a variety of options to choose from, these activities are sure to delight kids and adults alike. Keep reading to discover 20 amazing turkey coloring activities that will surely spark creativity and excitement this holiday season.

1. Handprint Turkey: An all-time classic, kids can create a unique turkey design using their own handprint as a template.

2. Clothespin Turkey Craft: Combine coloring and crafting by making colorful turkeys using clothespins and paper.

3. Pinecone Feathered Friends: Collect pinecones and create adorable turkey figures with painted feathers.

4. Gobble-Gobble T-Shirt: Use fabric paint to design your own festive turkey-themed t-shirt.

5. Thanksgiving Placemats: Keep the kids entertained at the dinner table with turkey-themed placemats that they can color themselves.

6. Turkey Feather Color-Matching Game: Create a simple matching game where kids learn how to pair colors by attaching colored feathers to a cardboard turkey cutout.

7. Turkey Finger Puppets: Create small finger puppets by coloring turkey designs on paper or felt, then watch as everyone puts on a play.

8. Turkey Puzzle Activity: Break your coloring sheet into puzzle pieces for an added challenge and combine puzzle-solving fun with creative coloring.

9. Color by Number Turkey: Follow assigned color codes to reveal a delightful turkey image.

10. Turkey Headband Craft: Colorfully decorate paper headbands with turkey accents that can be worn throughout the holiday celebration.

11. Clothespin Feather Matching Game: Mix art and learning as children match colored clothespin feathers to the correct turkey bodies.

12. Coffee Filter Turkeys: Create beautiful tie-dye-like effects by coloring coffee filters, then cut them into feather shapes for turkey decorations.

13. Turkey Origami: Try your hand at folding paper into turkey shapes, then color them for an extra touch.

14. Thanksgiving Tic Tac Toe: Create a fun tic-tac-toe board using colored turkey cutouts as game pieces.

15. 3D Thanksgiving Centerpiece: Color and assemble turkey cutouts, creating an impressive holiday table centerpiece.

16. Turkey Suncatchers: Make vibrant suncatchers that showcase turkey designs to decorate windows with festive flair.

17. Paper Plate Turkeys: Affix colored feathers to paper plates, using them as the basis for a unique turkey design.

18. Alphabet Turkey Match Game: Combine learning letters and coloring as children match lettered feathers with their corresponding turkey body.

19. Stained Glass Turkey Craft: Use colored tissue paper to create eye-catching “stained glass” turkeys that look beautiful in windows or on display.

20. Atomic Turkeys: Combine art and science by designing turkeys with unconventional shapes and bright colors for a fun twist on the traditional activity!

No matter which of these 20 fun and festive turkey coloring activities you choose, you’re sure to make lasting memories this Thanksgiving. Enjoy taking part in creative, joyful moments with your loved ones while celebrating the spirit of gratitude that defines the season!

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