20 Fun Fraction Games for Kids


Fractions can be a challenging concept for kids to grasp, but with the right approach, learning about them can be fun and engaging. In this article, we have compiled a list of 20 exciting fraction games that will make learning fractions a breeze for kids. Whether they are just starting to explore fractions or need some extra practice, these games will keep them entertained while reinforcing key fraction concepts. Dive into the world of fractions with these fun games!

  1. Fraction Match-Up:

This game is all about matching fractions with their visual representations. Kids can use cards or cut-outs to match the fraction with its corresponding visual model, reinforcing their understanding of fraction concepts.

  1. Pizza Fraction Fun:

Create small paper pizza slices with different fractions written on them. Kids can use these slices to build their own pizzas, allowing them to visualize and understand the concept of fractions in a delicious way.

  1. Fraction Bingo:

Similar to traditional bingo, but with a fraction twist! Kids can mark off fractions on their bingo cards as they are called out, sharpening their fraction recognition skills while having fun.

  1. Fraction War:

This classic card game can be modified to focus on fractions. Each player draws two cards,

creates a fraction using the drawn numbers, and compares them. The player with the greater fraction wins the round.

  1. Fraction Four:

This game is similar to Connect Four, but with fractions. Players take turns placing fraction tiles on a grid, aiming to get four of their pieces in a row. This game enhances strategic thinking and fraction comparison skills.

  1. Fraction Treasure Hunt:

Hide small objects representing fractions around a room or outdoor area. Kids have to find the fractions and match them with their corresponding cards. It encourages both physical activity and fraction identification.

  1. Fraction Walk:

Take a walk around the neighborhood and look for fraction examples in real-world scenarios. Kids can spot fractions in street signs, house numbers, and other visual representations, honing their fraction observation skills.

  1. Fraction Memory:

Flip over fraction cards and try to make matches by finding equivalent fractions. This game improves memory and reinforces the concept of equivalent fractions.

  1. Fraction Relay Race:

Divide kids into teams and create a relay race where each team member has to solve a fraction problem before passing the baton. This game combines physical activity with fraction practice.

  1. Fraction Puzzles:

Provide kids with fraction puzzle pieces and challenge them to arrange the pieces to form a complete picture. This activity promotes problem-solving skills and fraction understanding.

  1. Fraction Simon Says:

Play “Simon Says” but with fraction commands. For example, “Simon says, show 1/2” or “Simon says, jump forward 1/4 of the way.” This game ensures active participation and reinforces fraction comprehension.

  1. Fraction Roll and Cover:

Roll dice and cover up the corresponding fraction on a game board. The first player to cover all their fractions wins the game. This activity enhances fraction recognition and probability skills.

  1. Fraction Scavenger Hunt:

Create a scavenger hunt where kids have to find and collect objects representing different fractions. This game combines fun with hands-on fraction exploration.

  1. Fraction Bowling:

Assign fractions to bowling pins and have kids knock them down by rolling a ball. This game combines math and physical activity, making fraction practice enjoyable.

  1. Fraction Dominoes:

Use domino pieces with fraction representations on them. Kids have to match the fraction ends while building a long domino chain. This game reinforces fraction comparison and equivalent fractions.

  1. Fraction Art:

Encourage kids to create art using different fractions. They can divide shapes or objects into equal parts and color each part to create interesting fraction art pieces.

  1. Fraction Tower Building:

Provide kids with fraction blocks or legos and ask them to build the tallest tower using only fractions. This game promotes spatial thinking and fraction manipulation.

  1. Fraction Estimation:

Give kids a jar filled with objects and ask them to estimate the fraction of a specific object. This game improves estimation skills and reinforces fraction concepts.

  1. Fraction Tic-Tac-Toe:

Play tic-tac-toe, but instead of X and O, use different fractions. Kids have to place their fractions strategically to get three in a row. This game enhances critical thinking and fraction comparison.

  1. Fraction Quiz Show:

Host a quiz show where kids answer fraction-related questions. Create different rounds and award points to encourage participation and knowledge retention.


Learning fractions doesn’t have to be boring! These 20 fun fraction games provide an interactive and enjoyable way for kids to enhance their understanding of fractions. From matching games to physical activities, these games cover a range of fraction concepts while keeping kids engaged. So, let the fraction fun begin!

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