20 Fun Voting Activities for Elementary Students


Encouraging children to participate in voting activities from a young age is a great way to teach them about the importance of democracy and civic engagement. These fun and educational activities can be easily incorporated into the classroom, allowing elementary students to experience the voting process firsthand while having a blast. Here are 20 fun voting activities that are perfect for elementary students.

1.Classroom President Election

Organize a mock election in your classroom, encouraging students to put themselves forward as candidates for class president. Each candidate creates campaign posters, and they share their ideas with the class before holding an official vote.

2.Book or Movie Vote

Allow students to vote on the book they want to read or the movie they want to watch during free time or as a special activity.

3.Art Contest

Host an art contest with various categories, such as drawing, painting, or sculpture. Display all entries anonymously and have students vote for their favorites.

4.Favorite Snack Election

Hold an election for the class’s favorite snack, giving each student a chance to explain why their snack choice should be the winner.

5.Theme-Day Vote

Allow students to vote on the theme for an upcoming dress-up day at school by considering various options presented and providing their choice.

6.Superlatives Voting

Host a superlatives session where students can vote on “Most Likely To” categories, like “Most Likely To Be A Scientist” or “Most Likely To Become Famous.”

7.Name-the-Mascot Contest

Have students brainstorm names for a new school mascot and then vote on the best one using ballots.

8.Debate Club Elections

Start a debate club where students can run for different positions and receive votes from their classmates.

9.School Improvement Voting

Ask students for ideas about how to improve their school and hold a vote on which proposals should be presented to school administration.

10.Class Pet Vote

If your classroom allows for a pet, let students choose the type of animal they would like to have as a class pet by voting.

11.Class Field Trip Election

Give students several options for their next field trip and allow them to vote on their preferred destination.

12.Classroom Rule Revision Vote

Introduce the idea of voting on revisions to existing classroom rules or proposing new ones throughout the year.

13.Charity Fundraising Vote

Select a few charitable organizations and let students vote on which one they would like to support with a school fundraising project.

14.Student-Teacher Talent Show Voting

Organize a talent show where both students and teachers can participate, and let students vote for the winners in various categories.

15.School Dance Theme Election

Allow students to nominate and vote on themes for an upcoming school dance or event.

16.Sports Equipment Voting

Have students vote on which additional sports equipment should be added to the PE department based on available funds.

17.Environmental Project Vote

Let students pick an environmental project to work on together, such as planting trees or starting a recycling program, by voting.

18.Classroom Arrangement Voting

Give students the opportunity to vote on different desk arrangements or seating plans for their classroom.

19.Reward System Voting

Introduce a class reward system where students can vote for the rewards they would like to work towards and earn throughout the year.

20.Attendance Recognition Voting

Construct a way that allows classmates to nominate and vote for their peers who show outstanding attendance and punctuality over each semester.


These 20 fun voting activities for elementary students will not only provide engaging educational experiences but also teach them valuable lessons about democracy, decision-making, and civic participation. Start incorporating these activities into your lesson plans today!

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