20 Marvelous Math Games for 5th Graders


As children enter the crucial phase of 5th grade, it’s essential to keep them engaged and excited about learning math. This list of 20 marvelous math games will help 5th graders practice mathematical concepts in a fun and interactive way, fostering a love for numbers, patterns, and problem-solving.

1. Multiplication War – Turn a standard deck of cards into a battle of multiplication skills in this twist on the classic card game.

2. Fraction Fiesta – Help kids visualize fractions and learn about equivalences by making festive fraction pizzas.

3. Decimal Dodgeball – Using dodgeballs (or another soft throwable object), kids can practice rounding decimals while dodging incoming balls.

4. Geometry Twister – Transform the popular game Twister into an active learning experience by incorporating geometry terms and concepts.

5. Prime Number Hopscotch – A hopscotch variant where children jump only on prime numbers while learning about factors and multiplication.

6. Escape Room Math – Create an escape room experience using age-appropriate math problems that kids must solve to “escape” a room or area.

7. Calculator Jeopardy – Based on the popular TV show, participants answer questions based on mathematical operations using calculators for assistance.

8. Math Charades – Act out a variety of math terms and concepts, think angles, formulas, or geometric shapes for the ultimate guessing game.

9. Sudoku – A classic number logic puzzle that promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a grid format.

10. Treasure Hunt Geometry – Use handmade or printable geometric shapes to hide around a designated space as students search for treasures using clues related to geometrical properties.

11. The Pizza Fraction Game – Use house-made pizza with various toppings to learn how fractions can be simplified, added, or multiplied together.

12. Decimal Bingo – Reinvent traditional bingo with decimal values challenging participants to identify the correct decimal form of fractions.

13. Ruler Races – Students estimate measurements of various objects and then measure to confirm their estimations, promoting a strong foundation in measurement skills.

14. Math Tic-Tac-Toe – Incorporate math problems or concepts into this well-known game for a unique and educational twist.

15. The Polygon Puzzle Race – Students work in teams to identify, sort, and classify various polygons within a time constraint.

16. Math Lottery – A lottery-style game where players pick numbers, and winning tickets feature solutions to math problems.

17. The Great Shape Relay – A team relay race that requires students to assemble geometric figures from provided descriptions quickly.

18. Fraction Skittles – Using a bowling setup, reinforce fraction concepts by assigning different fraction values to pins and totaling the score of knocked-down pins after each turn.

19. Estimation Station – Set up various jars or containers with assorted objects for students to estimate quantities before counting for accuracy.

20. Countdown Calculation Challenge – Test mental calculation skills by generating random numbers and challenging participants to reach a target number using any mathematical operations within a time limit.


Math games provide an entertaining way through which fifth graders can build on their math knowledge in engaging ways, helping these students develop critical thinking and reasoning skills that will benefit them beyond the classroom. With these 20 marvelous math games for 5th graders, both parents and educators can reinforce important math concepts while adding fun into the equation!

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