20 Memorable Activities Inspired By Turning Red

1. Themed Movie Night: Gather friends and family for a “Turning Red”-inspired movie night. Decorate with red accents, serve popcorn and red-colored beverages to get into the spirit of things.

2. Create Your Own Panda Plush: Get crafty and make your very own panda plush toy inspired by Turning Red’s lovable character. Use felt, fabric, and stuffing to create a hug-worthy companion.

3. Plan a Scavenger Hunt: Organize a Turning Red-inspired scavenger hunt around your town or city, with clues leading to red-colored items or landmarks related to the film.

4. Bake Panda Cookies: Decorate homemade sugar cookies in the shape of pandas with red icing, and serve them as a sweet treat on movie night—or any other celebration.

5. DIY Red Wall Art: Channel your inner artist and create a “Turning Red”-inspired masterpiece to hang on your wall—even if it’s just finger painting!

6. Design Your Own Panda Costume: Get creative and design a unique panda costume inspired by the movie—perfect for Halloween or cosplay events.

7. Panda Yoga: Incorporate panda-inspired poses into your yoga routine to find balance, strength, and flexibility with a touch of whimsy.

8. Create Themed Origami: Learn how to fold origami pandas, then decorate them using red markers or paint for a pop of color.

9. Host a Themed Trivia Night: Test your friends’ knowledge of “Turning Red” with fact-based trivia questions about the film’s characters, plot, and more.

10. Learn Calligraphy: Honor the film’s background by learning basic Chinese calligraphy techniques to create beautiful scripts or artwork.

11. Plan a Neighborhood Celebration: Organize neighbors with door-to-door activities centered around Turning Red’s themes of friendship, growth, and empathy—complete with red decorations.

12. Vegetable Gardening: Start a vegetable garden with cherry tomatoes, peppers, and red-leaf lettuce to pay homage to the film’s vibrant color palette.

13. Celebrate with a Panda Picnic: Prepare an outdoor picnic featuring panda-themed snacks and sandwiches in the shape of pandas made from red fruits or veggies.

14. Make Your Own Movie Poster: Design a poster for “Turning Red” using pencils, markers, or paint—and don’t forget to include the movie’s lovable characters!

15. Turning Red Karaoke: Host a karaoke night featuring songs from the movie or catchy tunes that embody its themes of friendship, family, and self-discovery.

16. Neighborhood Bike Ride: Organize a neighborhood bike ride where participants dress in red or panda-themed attire—great for building community bonds and fostering fitness!

17. DIY Panda Mask: Create your own panda mask using construction paper, glue, scissors—a creative way to celebrate Turning Red on a budget.

18. Plan a Red-Wave Flash Mob: Get together with friends and perform a coordinated dance in public spaces while wearing all-red outfits—an eye-catching tribute to the movie!

19. Visit a Panda Preserve or Zoo Exhibit: Learn more about these fascinating creatures by visiting a panda conservation center or checking out your local zoo’s exhibit.

20. Volunteer at an Animal Rescue: In the spirit of the film’s message about empathy and friendship, volunteer your time at an animal rescue or sanctuary to help care for animals in need.

Get inspired by Turning Red and have fun exploring these memorable activities—whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a party, or just want to incorporate its themes into your daily life!

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