20 Memorable Music and Movement Activities for Preschoolers


Music and movement activities play a crucial role in the development of preschoolers. They help support cognitive, physical, and emotional growth while allowing children to express themselves creatively. Below are 20 memorable music and movement activities that will entertain, educate, and encourage preschoolers to explore the world of music.

1. Freeze Dance

Play various types of music, and when the music stops, all the preschoolers must freeze in their positions. It helps develop listening skills and fosters body awareness.

2. Musical Chairs

This classic game combines music with an exciting competitive element for children as they race to find a chair when the music stops.

3. Scarf Dancing

Give each child a light scarf or ribbon and let them dance around while waving it in the air. Scarf dancing enhances motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

4. Animal Charades

Preschoolers can act out different animals accompanied by animal-themed songs, stimulating imagination while promoting agility.

5. Rhythm Sticks

Children can create their own rhythm patterns using simple wooden sticks or spoons while listening to upbeat music.

6. Tambourine Shake Off

Give each child a tambourine and encourage them to shake it to the beat of the song or create their own rhythm.

7. Egg Shaker Exploration

Fill plastic eggs with various materials to create different sounds when shaken, helping children explore sound production.

8. Limbo Dancing

Using a broomstick or pool noodle as a limbo bar, kids can shimmy under it while moving to Caribbean tunes.

9. Handprint Drum Circle

Using palms or fingers, preschoolers can play drums made of everyday objects like boxes or pots to create collaborative rhythms.

10. Hula Hoop Fun

Children can spin hula hoops around their waists while dancing to music – a great activity for balance and coordination.

11. Bubbles Dance

Bubbles become dancing partners in this activity, as kids must dance around to “catch” them or watch them float away.

12. Parachute Play

Use a large parachute to create a series of interactive games accompanied by music, such as creating waves or “popcorn” with balls.

13. Mirror Dance

Pair children and have them face each other, with one leading and the other mimicking the dance moves like a mirror image.

14. Song and Movement Storytime

Choose a story that includes repetitive phrases or actions and encourage children to move or sing along as you read it aloud.

15. Balloon Dancing

Inflate balloons and allow preschoolers to gently tap them in the air while moving in time with the music.

16. Follow the Leader

Designate a child as the leader who creates different movements for the others to follow, switching leaders after every song.

17. Jumping Bean Dance

Children can jump, wiggle, and shake while pretending to be energetic jumping beans that dance when they hear music.

18. Yoga Moves

Combine simple yoga poses with calming background music to help preschoolers develop balance, flexibility, and focus.

19. Ribbon Wands

Create ribbon wands by tying strips of colorful fabric ribbon to sticks or dowels, encouraging artistic movement while dancing.

20. Ring Around the Rosie

This classic nursery rhyme game promotes socialization and locomotor skills through singing and circle-based movement.


These 20 memorable music and movement activities can enrich any preschool curriculum and spark an enduring love for music in young hearts. Evaluating each child’s needs and incorporating diverse musical activities enables them to flourish both mentally and physically while having fun.

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