20 Middle School Yoga Ideas and Activities


Yoga has been proven to have numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits for individuals of all ages. For middle school students, the practice of yoga can provide a much-needed break from the stressors of academic and social pressures. It can also help students develop essential skills such as mindfulness, focus, self-regulation, and resilience. Here are 20 middle school yoga ideas and activities that teachers and parents can incorporate into their lesson plans or after-school activities.

1. Yoga Poses Bingo: Create a bingo game with images of different yoga poses in each box. Students can then perform the poses to mark their progress on the board.

2. Yoga Dice: Use dice labeled with various yoga poses for students to roll and perform whichever pose is shown.

3. Pose-Pose-Switch: Students form partners, strike a yoga pose simultaneously, hold for a few breaths, then switch poses.

4. Relaxation Station: Set up a quiet corner where students can practice calming yoga poses during breaks or after completing an assignment.

5. Yoga Jenga: Write different yoga poses on Jenga blocks and have students remove a block while balancing in Tree Pose or another balancing pose.

6. Group Poses: Encourage teamwork by having groups of students collaborate to form interconnected yoga poses.

7. Yoga Sculpture Garden: Students take turns being “statues” in various yoga poses while others walk through the “garden” and try to mimic the statues’ postures.

8. Pose Memory Game: Print out cards with matching pairs of yoga poses that students must flip over to find their match – once found, they must perform the pose together.

9. Mindful Breathing Exercises: Teach students various breathing techniques to use during stressful moments at school or home.

10. Yoga Storytime: Read a book or tell a story that incorporates various yoga poses related to the narrative for students to act out.

11. Yoga Unwind: Dedicate the last few minutes of class to performing a series of gentle, relaxing yoga poses and stretches to help students unwind after a day of learning.

12. Yoga Freeze Dance: Play music while students practice their favorite yoga poses; when the music stops, everyone must freeze.

13. Yoga Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course with various stations featuring different yoga poses or exercises for students to complete.

14. Balance Challenges: Guide students through a series of balance-enhancing poses and track progress over time.

15. Yoga Charades: Students act out yoga poses for classmates to guess in this fun and engaging game.

16. Mindfulness Guided Visualization: Lead short, guided meditation sessions to help students develop mindfulness and relaxation skills.

17. Gratitude Yoga: Have students think about something they are grateful for while practicing various poses, emphasizing appreciation and thankfulness.

18. Artful Yoga: Combine art with yoga by having students create pictures or collages of their favorite poses or capturing the essence of their practice.

19. Goal-Setting Poses: Encourage students to set personal goals related to their yoga practice and track their progress with specific poses or techniques.

20. Partner Yoga: Teach basic partner yoga poses that promote connection and trust among peers while building strength and flexibility.


Facilitating a yoga practice in a middle school setting can offer numerous benefits to both teachers and students, promoting self-awareness, focus, and overall wellness during these formative years. These 20 activities will captivate your middle schoolers while helping them develop healthy habits that last well beyond the classroom walls.

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