20 Must Surprising, Best Things About Teaching (As Told by Teachers)

Teaching is not just a job; it’s a calling. Teachers embark on this journey to touch lives, shape minds, and mold the future of society. It’s not always an easy road, but the rewards are plenty and profound. Here are twenty surprising and inspiring things about teaching that teachers themselves have shared:

1. The “aha!” moment: Observing that moment when a student finally understands a new concept is priceless, as it signifies growth and development.

2, Building strong relationships: Over time, teachers forge bonds with students and parents, creating meaningful connections that enrich career experiences.

3. Responsibility: As society’s torchbearers, teachers proudly embrace their role in molding responsible citizens of the future.

4. Diversity: No two classrooms are the same; teachers continually learn to apply different techniques and adjust their approaches to cater to diverse student needs.

5. Creative freedom: With countless opportunities to experiment and develop unique lesson plans, teaching fuels creativity.

6. Good days outnumber bad ones: Despite inevitable challenges, overall, joyous moments spent with students eclipse difficult days.

7. Laughter: The classroom can be a place filled with endless laughter as students discover humor in learning.

8. Growth mindset: As teachers encourage students to adopt a growth mindset, they too embrace personal growth through self-reflection.

9. Everyday heroism: From helping to tackle bullying or supporting students through personal issues – teachers play an essential role in meeting students’ multifaceted needs.

10. Encouragement from colleagues: Like-minded professionals provide guidance, support, and friendship essential for teacher morale.

11. Keeping the passion alive: Staying motivated despite changes in technology or curriculum keeps teachers on their toes and rejuvenates their passion for teaching.

12. Staying current: Continual learning ensures that educators keep up with new ideas and trends shaping education.

13. Enduring impact: Knowing that lessons imparted are valued over the long term and shape future generations is satisfying.

14. Imparting life skills: Teachers not only guide students through the academic journey but also offer valuable life skill training.

15. Unexpected appreciation: Acts of gratitude from students, parents, and colleagues highlight teaching’s positive effects.

16. Constant inspiration: Learning from students, witnessing their unique talents, and sharing in their successes fuels inspiration daily.

17. Time vacation perks: While not every teacher’s experience may be the same, teaching offers various breaks throughout the year to recharge and explore other interests.

18. Getting creative with limited resources: Budget constraints challenge teachers to find resourceful ways to teach effectively. The result? More engaging and rewarding lessons.

19. Sharing joys and sorrows: Serving as a confidante, shoulder to cry on, or listening ear allows teachers an undeniable connection with their students.

20. A sense of purpose: At the core of it all, educators appreciate that they’ve chosen a career that makes a difference in countless lives – making all of the challenges completely worth it.

These twenty insights only scratch the surface of teaching’s rewards—but they offer a glimpse into why many educators couldn’t imagine doing anything else with their lives!

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