20 of the Best Science Bulletin Boards and Classroom Decor Ideas:

  1. Solar System Showcase: Create a bulletin board featuring the planets of our solar system. Include facts about each planet and their relative sizes.
  1. Science Lab Rules: Design a bulletin board to showcase the rules and expectations in the science lab. Use colorful illustrations and clear, easy-to-read text.
  2. Periodic Table Display: Highlight the periodic table of elements on a bulletin board. Include interactive elements like flipping cards with information about each element.
  3. Science Quotes: Create a bulletin board with motivational science quotes from famous scientists. Use colorful borders and eye-catching graphics.
  4. Famous Scientists: Feature a bulletin board with information about famous scientists throughout history. Include their contributions and achievements.
  5. Science Fair Success: Design a bulletin board to inspire students for the science fair. Showcase winning projects and provide tips for a successful display.
  6. Inventions and Innovations: Showcase famous inventions and innovations on a bulletin board. Include visual representations and brief explanations.
  1. Living Organisms: Create a bulletin board displaying different living organisms. Include pictures, descriptions, and their biological classification.
  2. Weather Wonders: Highlight various weather phenomena on a bulletin board. Include illustrations, weather vocabulary, and explanations.
  3. Ecosystem Explorers: Feature a bulletin board that focuses on different ecosystems around the world. Include pictures, information about the animals and plants, and conservation tips.
  1. Science Careers: Create a bulletin board to introduce students to different careers in the field of science. Include job descriptions, required qualifications, and fun facts.
  2. Science Jokes: Bring a smile to your students’ faces with a bulletin board dedicated to science jokes and puns. Use humorous illustrations and witty captions.
  3. Anatomy Showcase: Feature the human anatomy on a bulletin board. Display labeled diagrams of the skeletal system, muscular system, and organs.
  4. Space Exploration: Design a bulletin board that highlights space exploration milestones and achievements. Include pictures of famous space missions and astronauts.
  5. STEM Superheroes: Create a bulletin board showcasing famous innovators and inventors in STEM fields. Use superhero-themed graphics and include their contributions.
  6. Plant Life Cycle: Feature the life cycle of plants on a bulletin board. Include illustrations and explanations of seed germination, growth, and reproduction.
  7. DNA Discovery: Design a bulletin board focused on the discovery of DNA and its structure. Include visuals, DNA models, and key scientists involved.
  8. Recycling Matters: Create a bulletin board to raise awareness about recycling and its importance. Include tips for recycling at school and home.
  9. Chemistry Concoctions: Highlight interesting chemical reactions and experiments on a bulletin board. Include safety precautions and visually appealing demonstrations.
  10. Scientific Method Steps: Design a bulletin board explaining the steps of the scientific method. Use illustrations and clear explanations to guide students in their experiments.
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