20 Pool Noodle Games for Kids To Enjoy This Summer!

1. Pool Noodle Ring Toss: Create floating rings with pool noodles and attempt to toss them onto water-filled bottles or other anchored floating objects.

2. Noodle Jousting: Each player rides on an inflatable raft and tries to knock the other off using pool noodles as jousts.

3. Mini Golf: Use pool noodles as golf clubs to play a mini golf game around the edges of the swimming pool.

4. Water Balloon Baseball: Players take turns hitting water balloons with pool noodle bats, trying to make the biggest splash.

5. Pool Noodle Basketball: Attach a pool noodle hoop to a fence or wall and players attempt to throw water-logged sponge balls through the hoop.

6. Limbo: Hold a long pool noodle horizontally over the water, and have kids swim or float under it without touching it.

7. Noodle Obstacle Course: Design an underwater obstacle course using pool noodles as barriers, hoops, or tunnels.

8. Pool Noodle Hockey: Divide players into teams and use two brooms and a beach ball to play a fun hockey game in the shallow end of the swimming pool.

9. Caterpillar Race: Line up kids in two parallel rows, each holding onto a long pool noodle from behind. The goal is to race across the pool in this caterpillar formation without letting go of the noodle.

10. Noodle Chopsticks: Two players stand side by side holding one noodle between them like chopsticks, racing to move small floating objects across the pool without dropping them.

11. Floating Archery Range: Create floating targets using pool noodles bent into different shapes and held in place with duct tape, then shoot foam-tipped arrows at them for points.

12. Pool Noodle Tug-of-War: Two teams hold either end of a long wet noodle trying to pull each other into the water.

13. Water Relay: Players use pool noodles to transport water from one bucket to another, racing against another team.

14. Shark Attack: One person floats on a raft (the shark) trying to knock other swimmers off using a pool noodle, while the swimmers use their noodles to defend themselves.

15. Noodle Stepping Stones: Float several pool noodles in a row, and players attempt to walk from one end of the pool to the other using them as stepping stones.

16. Noodle Splash Tag: In this tag game, players must touch each other with a wet pool noodle instead of their hands for a fun, splashy twist.

17. Balancing Act: Participants take turns balancing on a long floating noodle; whoever stays on the longest is the winner.

18. Pool Noodle Race: Swimmers place one noodle under their arms and another between their legs, then race across the pool using just their legs for power.

19. Whack-A-Mole: Players take turns popping their heads out of the water while others try to splash them with wet pool noodles – no hitting allowed!

20. Floating Treasure Hunt: Hide coins at the bottom of the pool and have kids retrieve them using a pool noodle as a makeshift snorkel.

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