21 Hacks to Get Learners to Complete Their Class Assignments

Are you looking for hacks to get students to complete their class assignments? If so, keep reading.

1. Connect clearly with the student about the duration of time they have to finish a task. The student may want to use a timer to finish the tasks within the given period.

2. Praise the student for finishing tasks independently based on the number of times they can be successful. As the student shows success, slowly increase the number of times required for reinforcement.

3. Urge the student to ask for clarification of any directions, explanations, and instructions before starting a task to reinforce comprehension.

4. Provide mobility throughout the classroom to ascertain the student’s attention to the task.

5. Ask the student a question often to urge communication.

6. Get the student to gather all learning materials appropriate to work on a project, task, etc., to lessen the need to search for learning materials.

7. Make sure that the student knows the relationship between unacceptable behavior and the consequences that follow (e.g., failure to finish tasks independently results in lower grades, less responsibility, etc.).

8. Make sure that tasks given to the student are appropriate for their level of development and capacity and ability.

9. Create an environmental setting for the classroom that promotes optimal individual performance (e.g., quiet room, background music, fresh air, etc.).

10. Provide consistent expectations within the capacity and ability level of the student.

11. Select a peer, friend, etc., who displays the capacity and ability to organize a task prior to beginning it. Get the student to observe that person and try to model the behaviors that let them organize tasks.

12. Talk with the student about the expectations at the beginning of each period so they know what is required.

13. Complete a snippet of the task with the student to serve as a model and start the student on the task.

14. Give the student shorter tasks. As the student shows success, slowly increase the length of the tasks.

15. Manage tasks by dividing them into small segments. Establish deadlines and reward the student after finishing each segment of the task.

16. Create a chart for daily tasks to be finished by the student.

17. Teach the student time-management skills. Get the student to make a daily plan and follow it. Urge the student to avoid becoming distracted by activities, impulses, and moods.

18. Enlist the help of a peer, paraprofessional, parent, etc., to remind the student of tasks.

19. Get the student to use a daily calendar to write down tasks, projects, due dates, etc. Utilize the calendar to create the student’s time management skills.

20. Get the student to schedule independent working times when they are most likely to keep attention (e.g., one hour after medication, 45 minutes after dinner, first thing in the morning, etc.).

21. Consider using an education app to help the student sharpen their organizational skills. Click here to view a list of apps that we recommend.

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