21 Incredibly Cool Things Kids Can Do With Straws


Straws are not just for sipping drinks – they can also be transformed into fun, educational, and creative activities for kids! Discover these incredibly cool things that can be done with straws and explore a world of imagination, learning, and excitement.

1. Straw Rockets – Tape a straw to a piece of paper, fold the paper into a cone shape, and watch it fly across the room like a rocket!

2. Straw Maze – Create an intricate maze using straws and tape. Then, blow small objects such as pom poms or cotton balls through the maze.

3. Straw Flutes – Teach kids to make their own musical instruments by cutting notches into straws and blowing through them.

4. Straw Art – Flatten the ends of straws and dip in paint for unique brushstrokes in your child’s next masterpiece.

5. Straw Race – Create race tracks with straws and race small cars or marbles along the tracks.

6. Straw Geometric Shapes – Use straws and pipe cleaners to build 3D geometric shapes, teaching kids about geometry and spatial visualization.

7. Straw Bubble Wands – Dip one end of a straw in bubble solution, then blow gently on the other end to create bubbles.

8. Straw Beading – Cut colorful straws into smaller pieces and thread them on yarn or string to make bracelets and necklaces.

9. Straw Towers – Challenge kids to build the tallest tower using only straws and tape.

10. Blow Painting – Use a straw to blow paint across paper, creating abstract art designs while improving breath control.

11. Marble Run – Construct a marble run with straws taped to cardboard, creating loops and ramps for hours of marble fun.

12. Straw Skeletons – Explore biology by constructing straw skeletons of humans or animals with pipe cleaners as connectors.

13. Straw Obstacle Course – Set up an obstacle course with straws for small figurines, toy cars, or marbles.

14. Straw Names – Have your child practice forming letters of their name using bendable straws.

15. Air Ball – Play a variation of soccer by blowing a cotton ball across the floor using straws.

16. Straw DNA Models – Create models of DNA double helix structures using colored straws and pipe cleaners.

17. Spirograph Art – Attach pens to several straws and rotate on paper to create intricate designs.

18. Ninja Straw Game – Balance straws on your fingers while trying to knock off your opponent’s straws in this fun game.

19. Wind Chimes – Create colorful wind chimes by stringing cut straws together and hanging them outside.

20. Straw Pan Flutes – Tape together multiple straws of different lengths and blow across the top to create a makeshift pan flute.

21. Straw Chain Reaction – Set up a domino-like chain reaction using bent or angled straws that can be knocked over in a fun sequence.


Straws offer endless possibilities for kids to learn, explore, and have fun. From art projects to engineering challenges, these activities will inspire their creativity while teaching valuable skills. So, grab some straws and start experimenting – the only limit is your imagination!

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