22 Bubble Wrap Popping Games for Children of All Ages


Children are always looking for new and exciting ways to play, and bubble wrap is a surprisingly versatile toy that can provide hours of entertainment. Popping bubble wrap is not only fun but also offers sensory stimulation and stress relief for children of all ages. Here, we have compiled a list of 22 bubble wrap popping games that are both engaging and enjoyable.

1. Bubble Wrap Race: Lay a sheet of bubble wrap on the floor and have children race to pop as many bubbles as they can within a certain period.

2. Bubble Wrap Stomp: Encourage children to stomp or jump on large sheets of bubble wrap, seeing who can make the loudest pop.

3. Bubble Wrap Simon Says: Incorporate popping bubbles into a game of Simon Says, having children follow instructions to pop different sizes or colors.

4. Bubble Wrap Painting: Dip bubble wrap in paint and press it onto paper to create unique art.

5. Memory Game: Place small toys or objects under a sheet of bubble wrap and have children guess or memorize their positions before popping the corresponding bubbles.

6. Treasure Hunt: Hide small trinkets within layers of bubble wrap and let kids search for them by popping bubbles.

7. Pop the Letter: Write letters or numbers on sheets of bubble wrap and have children pop them in sequence or according to instructions (e.g., “pop all vowels”).

8. Shape Matching: Cut out various shapes from bubble wrap sheets and ask children to match them with corresponding shapes drawn on paper.

9. Musical Bubbles: Play music while children jump or dance on bubble wrap, stopping when the music stops.

10. Sensory Walk: Create a sensory path using different types of bubble wrap for kids to walk or crawl on barefoot, experiencing varying textures and sounds.

11. Target Practice: Set up targets around the room and have children throw soft objects to pop bubbles on the targets.

12. Pop-and-Clap: Kids can pop a bubble and clap simultaneously, developing hand-eye coordination.

13. Bubble Wrap Hopscotch: Set up a traditional hopscotch grid using bubble wrap for a noisy twist.

14. Blindfolded Popping: Blindfold children and have them pop bubbles while relying solely on touch and hearing.

15. Bubble Wrap Maze: Design a maze using strips of bubble wrap and have kids navigate it by following the popping sounds.

16. Group Popping Challenge: Divide children into teams and race to pop all the bubbles on their team’s sheet.

17. Pop the Syllables: Write common words on bubble wrap and have kids practice syllable division by popping bubbles in line with each syllable break.

18. Bubble Wrap Twister: Adapt the Twister game to be played on a large sheet of bubble wrap, switching colors with bubble sizes or similar features.

19. Pass the Bubble Wrap Parcel: Wrap small gifts with layers of bubble wrap and pass them around while music plays, having children take turns popping a layer when the music stops.

20. Protect the Bubbles: While one child holds a piece of bubble wrap, another child tries to pop as many bubbles as they can within a limited timeframe.

21. Hula Hoop Bubbles: Attach strips of bubble wrap to hula hoops for an additional sensory experience while they play with hula hoops.

22. Quiet Footsteps: Lay out sheets of bubble wrap and challenge kids to walk across without making noise, helping them develop their motor skills while engaging in stealthy play.


These 22 bubble wrap popping games are just the beginning of endless fun your children can have with this versatile material.

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