22 Exciting Tessellation Activities For Kids


Tessellation refers to the arrangement of shapes, typically polygons, that fit together perfectly without overlaps or gaps. Teaching kids about tessellations can help them understand geometric concepts and improve their spatial reasoning skills. Here are 22 exciting tessellation activities for kids to explore and enjoy:

1. Paper Tile Puzzles: Create paper templates of various polygon shapes and task children with arranging them into a tessellating pattern.

2. M.C. Escher Art Study: Show kids the work of M.C. Escher, who famously employed tessellations in his art, and then encourage them to create their own Escher-inspired pieces.

3. Tessellating Cookies: Use cookie cutters in geometric shapes to make tessellating cookies that invite kids to play with their food.

4. Sidewalk Chalk Tessellations: Children can use sidewalk chalk to draw tessellating patterns on pavement or concrete.

5. Alhambra Tile Investigation: Teach kids about the geometrically intricate tile designs found in the Alhambra palace in Spain and have them attempt to recreate those designs.

6. Tessellation Coloring Pages: Print out coloring pages featuring tessellating patterns and various polygon shapes that children can color in.

7. Tangram Fun: Use tessellation principles alongside traditional tangrams to challenge kids’ spatial skills.

8. Hands-on Tessellation Stations: Create hands-on stations where students can try different types of tessellation activities.

9. Stained Glass Window Designs: Children can design and create their own “stained glass” art using colored tissue paper and geometric shapes.

10. Collaborative Pattern Murals: Groups of children can work together on a large-scale mural, each contributing a tessellating pattern or shape to the project.

11. Foam Bath Tile Play: Allow kids to explore tessellations during bath time with foam cutouts of various shapes.

12. Tessellating Napkin Folding: Teach kids how to fold paper napkins into tessellating patterns to impress at the dinner table.

13. Edible Tessellation Snacks: Use fruit, cheese, or other bite-size snacks to create tessellating patterns as tasty treats.

14. Tessellation Jigsaw Puzzles: Turn tessellating patterns into jigsaw puzzles for a new challenge.

15. Geometric Clay Tiles: Kids can use clay or playdough to create and arrange their own tessellating tiles.

16. Tessellation Origami: Teach children how to fold and intertwine paper to create tessellating origami designs.

17. Tessellation Board Game: Design a board game with a tessellating pattern as the playing surface where spaces fit together perfectly.

18. Nature Walk Tessellations: During nature walks, encourage kids to discover and discuss tessellations found in natural surroundings.

19. Twisted Tessellations: Challenge kids’ creativity by asking them to invent a unique and never-before-seen tessellating shape.

20. Online Tessellation Generators: There are online tools available that generate tessellating patterns; have kids try them and explore the possibilities.

21. Parquetry Play: Children can use precut wooden shapes on adhesive sheets to create their own parquetry designs inspired by European floors.

22. Tessellation Wallpaper Design: Let children design their own tessellation-based wallpaper pattern using digital art software or traditional drawing materials.


Tessellation activities provide endless opportunities for creativity and learning about geometric principles in a fun and engaging way. These 22 activities offer a variety of ways to introduce tessellations to kids while providing hours of exploration, experimentation, and enjoyment.

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