22 Fantastic Third Grade Art Projects That Teach and Inspire

Art projects can be a great way to engage and inspire third-grade students while teaching them important skills and concepts. Here are 22 fantastic art projects that are perfect for third graders:

  1. Paper Mache Animal Masks: Have students create animal masks using paper mache techniques. This project allows them to explore different textures and practice sculpting.
  1. Watercolor Resist Paintings: Encourage students to experiment with watercolor paints and create resist paintings using wax crayons. This project teaches color blending and the concept of resist.
  1. Collage Landscapes: Provide students with various materials like magazines, construction paper, and fabrics to create collages representing different landscapes. This project teaches composition and texture.
  1. Clay Coil Pots: Teach students how to create coil pots using air-dry clay. They can experiment with different shapes and sizes, while also learning about the properties of clay.
  1. Symmetrical Butterfly Prints: Help students create beautiful symmetrical butterfly prints using paint and folded paper. This project introduces symmetry and pattern-making.
  1. Recycled Art Sculptures: Challenge students to create sculptures using recycled materials like cardboard, plastic bottles, and newspaper. This project promotes environmental awareness and creativity.
  1. Famous Artist Portraits: Introduce famous artists to students and have them create self-portraits inspired by these artists’ styles. This project encourages art appreciation and self-expression.
  1. Found Object Printmaking: Have students collect various objects from nature or everyday life to create printmaking plates. This project teaches printmaking techniques and encourages creativity.
  1. Mosaic Name Art: Guide students in creating their names using colorful paper squares to create mosaic-like artwork. This project introduces them to the concept of mosaics and pattern-making.
  1. Impressionist Landscape Paintings: Teach students about impressionism and have them create landscape paintings inspired by famous impressionist artists. This project promotes observation skills and brushwork.
  1. Pastel Blown Art: Let students experiment with pastel colors and blowing techniques to create abstract art. This project teaches color mixing and encourages creativity.
  1. Pop Art Self-Portraits: Introduce students to pop art and have them create self-portraits using bold colors and patterns. This project promotes self-expression and art history knowledge.
  1. Pointillism Paintings: Teach students about pointillism and have them create paintings using only small dots of paint. This project introduces them to color theory and patience.
  1. Paper Weaving: Show students how to weave using colorful paper strips to create unique patterns. This project teaches basic weaving techniques and promotes fine motor skills.
  1. Shadow Drawings: Take students outside on a sunny day and have them trace their shadows, then fill in the shapes with various art materials. This project introduces them to the concept of shadows and silhouettes.
  1. Nature Collage Art: Encourage students to collect natural materials like leaves, twigs, and flower petals to create collage artwork. This project promotes creativity and appreciation for the natural world.
  2. Abstract Robot Drawings: Give students prompts to create abstract robot drawings using various shapes and lines. This project encourages imagination and creativity.
  1. Plaster Sculptures: Teach students how to create sculptures using plaster and molds. They can experiment with different textures and forms, while also learning about sculptural techniques.
  1. Still Life Observations: Set up a still life arrangement and have students practice drawing or painting what they see. This project promotes observation skills and attention to detail.
  1. Chalk Pastel Landscapes: Let students explore chalk pastels to create vibrant landscape artworks. This project teaches blending techniques and color theory.
  1. Clay Animal Pendants: Guide students in creating animal pendants using air-dry clay and string. This project introduces basic clay modeling techniques and encourages creativity.
  1. Masking Tape Paintings: Have students create abstract paintings using masking tape to create geometric shapes and lines. This project teaches composition and encourages experimentation.

These 22 art projects are sure to inspire and teach third-grade students valuable art skills and concepts. Enjoy exploring the world of art with your students!

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