22 Vibrant Visual Memory Activities For Kids


Visual memory plays a critical role in a child’s development as it affects their reading, writing, and comprehension abilities. Engaging kids in entertaining and stimulating visual memory activities can significantly improve their cognitive growth. Here are 22 vibrant visual memory activities that can sharpen your child’s visual memory skills.

1. Memory Match Game:

Provide your child with pairs of matching pictures, spread them face down, and have the child flip them over to find matching pairs.

2. I Spy:

Play the classic “I Spy” game to boost your child’s attention and visual memory skills.

3. Spot the Difference:

Give your child two pictures with slight differences and have them find all the discrepancies.

4. Drawing from Memory:

Show your child an image for a few seconds, then ask them to draw it from memory.

5. Puzzle Time:

Work on jigsaw puzzles together to develop their problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

6. Mazes:

Mazes are great for improving visual memory and spatial orientation skills.

7. Shape Building:

Create various shapes using materials like straws or pipe cleaners, then encourage your child to reproduce the shape from memory.

8. ConcentRATION:

Have your child engage in challenging concentration exercises by focusing on specific objects in a room before shifting their attention to a different object without losing focus on the first object.

9. Guess Who:

Play “Guess Who?” by asking your child to guess which household member or friend is hidden behind a folder or screen after briefly revealing their face.

10. Paint by Numbers:

Painting by numbers can strengthen a child’s ability to remember shapes, colors, and patterns.

11. Hidden Objects:

Place several objects in a tray, then cover them up and have your child recall each item by looking at the tray for a brief period.

12. Sequencing Games:

Create sequences using colored blocks or other materials, then challenge your child to recreate the sequence.

13. Kim’s Game:

Display a group of small objects, give your child a minute to observe them, and then cover the objects. Ask your child to recall as many objects as possible.

14. Word Clouds:

Create word clouds that contain various shapes and colors, then encourage kids to identify particular words or patterns.

15. Human Grid Game:

This multiplayer game involves assigning specific positions to kids on a grid, and they must replicate the arrangement from memory after their positions have been shaken up.

16. Follow the Leader:

Play “Follow the Leader” where children need to remember and replicate each action or movement performed by the leader seriously.

17. Simon Says:

“Simon Says” is excellent for boosting kids’ visual memory by recalling which body part should be moved after hearing a command.

18. Picture Stories:

Ask your child to draw a series of pictures after telling them a story. This activity reinforces memory retention and comprehension skills.

19. Visual Memory Bingo:

Create picture-based bingo cards where each square contains an object or image for kids to spot in their surroundings.

20. Story Illustration:

Provide your child with an audio story and ask them to create pictures representing the main characters or events based on their understanding and memory of the narrative.

21. Touch and Feel Box:

Place objects with various textures inside a box, then challenge your child to identify them solely based on texture.

22. Lego Building Challenge:

Difficult Lego sets test your child’s ability to remember intricate designs while enhancing their problem-solving skills.


Helping children engage in visual memory activities from an early age sets a strong foundation for their future academic success. These 22 vibrant visual memory activities are not only fun but also contribute significantly to enhancing your child’s cognitive development.

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