23 Engaging Green Eggs and Ham Activities for Preschoolers


Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss is a timeless classic, adored by children for its fun rhymes, quirky characters, and valuable life lessons. One of the best ways to engage preschoolers in early literacy development is through related activities inspired by their favorite books. Here are 23 engaging Green Eggs and Ham activities to immerse your little ones in the wacky world of Dr. Seuss.

1. Storytime Reading: Share the story of Green Eggs and Ham aloud with your preschoolers to explore rhymes, word patterns, and characters.

2. Memory Game: Create a matching card game using characters and scenes from the book.

3. Rhyme Time: Organize a rhyming words scavenger hunt using objects related to the story.

4. Prop Play: Set up a dramatic play area with green plastic eggs, stuffed animals or toys representing Sam-I-Am, and ham props.

5. Costume Party: Encourage children to dress up as their favorite Green Eggs and Ham character.

6. Sensory Exploration: Provide green playdough for children to create their own green eggs and ham dishes.

7. Green Eggs Cooking Class: Follow a recipe together to make (and taste) real green eggs using spinach or food coloring.

8. Puppet Show: Use character puppets or finger puppets to retell the story.

9. Musical Chairs with a Twist: Play a Green Eggs and Ham-themed version of musical chairs using quotes from the book as cues.

10. Coloring Sheets: Provide preschoolers with coloring pages based on illustrations from the book.

11. Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham? Graph: Create a graph that visually represents whether kids like green eggs and ham after trying them.

12. Wacky Scavenger Hunt: Have children search for unusual items around the room inspired by the book.

13. Sticky Sight Words: Have children practice sight words by matching them to corresponding Green Eggs and Ham characters using sticky notes.

14. What’s in the Lunchbox?: Create a sorting activity where preschoolers identify foods belonging to Sam-I-Am’s lunch box.

15. Train Trip: Arrange a toy train or blocks to recreate the train scene from the book, encouraging imaginative play.

16. Syllable Stomp: Encourage kids to identify and clap out the syllables of Green Eggs and Ham-related words.

17. Word Family Roll: Write word endings on small balls or blocks and encourage preschoolers to build new words using Sam-I-Am’s favorite “am” ending.

18. Egg Hunt: Hide green plastic eggs around your space for an egg-citing adventure.

19. Story Retelling Basket: Provide a basket of props, including miniature ham, eggs, and characters for children to practice retelling the story independently or with peers.

20. Playdough Recipe Cards: Create visual recipe cards for kids to follow as they sculpt related items using playdough

21. Character Yoga: Teach children simple yoga poses inspired by scenes from the book.

22. Story Charades: Act out key events from the story as a lively group game using charades.

23. Measuring Mayhem: Provide rulers, measuring tapes, or other tools for preschoolers to measure different foods found in Green Eggs and Ham.


These 23 engaging Green Eggs and Ham activities are sure to capture your preschoolers’ imaginations while reinforcing vital literacy skills. Encourage their love for reading by incorporating these fun and interactive elements into your lesson plans today!

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