23 Fun 4th Grade Math Games That Will Keep Kids From Getting Bored


Mathematics can be a daunting subject for some, but fun and engaging games can help capture children’s interest. For 4th graders, math games provide an excellent opportunity to enhance their learning experience and make the subject enjoyable. Here are 23 exciting 4th grade math games that will keep kids from getting bored:

1. **Multiplication War**: Using a deck of cards, have children compete to determine which multiplication problem has the highest product.

2. **Fraction Bingo**: Create bingo cards with fractions and call out equivalent decimals or percentages for students to match.

3. **Shape Hunt**: Students search for geometric shapes in everyday objects and describe their properties.

4. **Math Jeopardy**: Make your own Jeopardy-style game with math questions for different categories like multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, and word problems.

5. **Angry Birds Angles**: Use the popular game as inspiration to teach angles, distance, and trajectory by having students estimate angles needed to hit targets.

6. **Dice Decimals**: Roll dice to create decimal numbers and have students compare or order them based on size.

7. **Roll-Call Fractions**: Distribute fraction cards to students who then find others with equivalent fractions to form partners or small groups.

8. **Place Value Puzzler**: Students must solve puzzles by determining the correct place value of given numbers.

9. **Money Exchange**: Teach students about money management by setting up a mock store where they can exchange currency for goods using correct change calculations.

10. **Math Fact Basketball**: Allow students to practice multiplication facts while shooting mini basketballs into a hoop.

11. **Estimation Station**: Set up various jars containing small items (e.g., beads, pencils), and have students estimate the quantity inside each jar.

12. **Area and Perimeter Board Game**: Create a board game where students navigate around the board by solving area and perimeter problems.

13. **Math Tic-Tac-Toe**: Customize a classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe with math problems students must solve to make their move.

14. **Data Collection Relay**: Students work in teams to collect data on given topics, then create and interpret graphs or charts using that data.

15. **Rocket Race**: A fun way for students to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication by racing to complete math equations quickly and accurately.

16. **Symmetry Scavenger Hunt**: Have students search their surroundings to find examples of symmetry and classify the type of symmetry found.

17. **Math Round Robin**: Students complete math problems in rotation, with the challenge of solving parts of each problem before moving on to the next.

18. **Mixed-Operation Dice Game**: Students roll dice and must perform a series of arithmetic operations, such as addition, subtraction, or multiplication, depending on the roll’s outcome.

19. **Time-Telling Race**: Students race against each other or the clock to correctly set analog clocks based on given time increments.

20. **Factors Finders**: Assign special properties or rewards to prime numbers and challenge students to find all factor pairs for given numbers.

21. **Long Division Capture**: Students complete long division problems in teams while trying to capture opponents’ spaces on a grid.

22. **Skip Counting Hopscotch**: Modify traditional hopscotch by skip counting instead of jumping on consecutive numbers.

23. **Fraction-Decimal Matchup**: Lay out fraction cards face down; students must match corresponding decimals or percentages by flipping over two cards at a time.


These engaging 4th grade math games provide opportunities for interactive learning while keeping boredom at bay.

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