23 Must-Have School Supplies for Teachers

Every teacher knows that having the right supplies can make a significant difference in the classroom. Being prepared with essential resources can not only make teaching more enjoyable, but it can also promote an organized and effective learning environment. Here are 23 must-have school supplies for teachers:

1. Planner: A planner is crucial to staying organized and managing daily activities, grading deadlines, and meetings.

2. Whiteboard/Chalkboard: A whiteboard or chalkboard is necessary for demonstrating concepts to students and facilitating group discussions.

3. Dry erase markers/Chalk: To accompany your whiteboard or chalkboard, invest in a reliable set of dry erase markers or chalk.

4. Eraser: Keep a quality eraser handy to wipe away the remnants of the day’s lessons easily.

5. Classroom Calendar: A year-at-a-glance calendar hung on your wall will help you keep track of important dates and holidays.

6. Stapler: An essential tool for grading papers, assembling classroom materials, and displaying student work.

7. Three-Hole Punch: Quickly distribute handouts among students by punching holes to insert them into binders.

8. Binder Clips: Maintain order among stacks of papers by securing them using binder clips.

9. File Folders: Stay organized with color-coded file folders so that you know where to find every set of papers efficiently.

10. Paper Clips: Keep loose pieces of paper in one place with paper clips.

11. Highlighters: Easily point out critical information to students during lessons using vivid highlighters.

12. Pens/Pencils: Make sure you always have a surplus of pens and pencils at your disposal for note-taking, grading or lending out to students in need.

13. Scissors and Glue Stick/Tape: For all sorts of cutting and gluing activities – art projects, crafts, or mounting student work on bulletin boards.

14. Sticky Notes: Use different colored sticky notes to jot down reminders, make to-do lists, or leave essential messages for students.

15. Document Camera: A great tool for displaying worksheets, books, or artwork for the class to see and analyze together.

16. Clipboards: Utilize clipboards to help students share and discuss their work or use them to store paperwork during field trips.

17. Rulers: Keep a stash of rulers on hand for measurement activities and reinforce basic geometry concepts.

18. Laminator: Secure and preserve important classroom material with a laminator.

19. Timer/Stopwatch: Regulate class time more effectively by using a timer or stopwatch during tests, group activities, or transitions between tasks.

20. Storage Bin/Drawer Organizer: Keep your classroom clutter-free by organizing supplies neatly in bins or drawer organizers.

21. Comfortable Chair: Invest in a high-quality chair that provides ample support during long hours of grading and planning.

22. Personalized Desk Supplies: Customize your desk with small accents that make it feel inviting and inspiring – nameplates, decorations, a favorite mug, or anything that reflects your personality.

23. Charging Station: Create an accessible charging station where you can power up your phone, tablet, laptop, smart speakers or other electronic devices whenever you need them.

As educators know, having the right tools at hand is essential for creating an engaging learning environment and keeping organized throughout the school year. Investing in these 23 must-have school supplies will set you up for success as a teacher and help create a positive learning experience for your students.

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