25 First Grade STEM Challenges to Engage Young Learners

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. By introducing STEM concepts to young learners at an early age, we can help develop their problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. Here are 25 STEM challenges specifically designed for first-grade students to engage their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

  1. Build a tower using only marshmallows and toothpicks. Measure how tall it stands.
  1. Design a boat that can float and hold at least five pennies without sinking.
  1. Create a paper airplane and test its flight distance.
  1. Investigate which materials are the best insulators by building small houses using different materials and testing their ability to keep a small ice cube cold.
  1. Grow plants from seeds and observe their growth over time. Discuss the different parts of a plant and their functions.
  1. Build a simple circuit using a battery, wires, and a light bulb. Investigate how different materials, such as metal and paper clips, can affect the brightness of the light.
  1. Explore the concept of buoyancy by designing and building a foil boat that can hold the most pennies before sinking.
  1. Investigate the effects of light on plant growth by placing different colored filters over plants and observing their growth patterns.
  1. Construct a bridge using popsicle sticks and test its strength by placing small weights on top.
  2. Create a pulley system to lift a small object off the ground.
  1. Build a structure using gumdrops and toothpicks. Explore different shapes and their stability.
  1. Explore the properties of magnets by using them to move and sort different objects.
  1. Design and build a simple windmill using paper, straws, and a pinwheel. Observe its motion in the wind.
  1. Investigate the effects of different liquids, such as water, oil, and vinegar, on various materials.
  1. Create a kaleidoscope using mirrors and colored beads. Explore reflections and patterns.
  1. Construct a simple maze using cardboard and straws. Guide a small object through the maze using a magnet.
  1. Explore the concept of balance by creating a balancing mobile using different materials such as feathers, buttons, and paperclips.
  1. Create a model of the solar system using different-sized balls to represent planets. Discuss the characteristics of each planet.
  1. Investigate the effects of friction by designing and testing different types of ramps and measuring how far a toy car can roll.
  1. Build a simple catapult using craft sticks and rubber bands. Test how far different objects can be launched.
  1. Explore the concept of sound by creating homemade musical instruments using items from around the house.
  2. Design a paper roller coaster and test the speed and stability of a marble as it rolls down the track.
  1. Investigate the concept of density by creating a density tower using different liquids with varying densities.
  1. Build a structure using spaghetti and marshmallows. Explore different shapes and their stability.
  1. Create a simple coding activity using symbols and arrows to guide a small robot or toy car through a maze.

These 25 first-grade STEM challenges are just the beginning of your young learners’ journey into the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Encourage their curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills, and watch as they develop a lifelong love for STEM!

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