25 Gorgeous Farmhouse Classroom Decorating Ideas


Designing a farmhouse-themed classroom can be a fun and engaging way to create an inviting learning environment. These 25 gorgeous farmhouse classroom decorating ideas will inspire you to transform your space into a comfortable, welcoming hub where students feel at home.

1. Rustic wood accents: Use reclaimed wood for your desks, bookshelves, and other furniture to create a distinctive farmhouse vibe.

2. Burlap bulletin boards: Frame bulletin boards with burlap and use it as a background for displaying student work.

3. Mason jar storage: Utilize mason jars for storing supplies like pencils, markers, and scissors – add a chalkboard label for easy identification.

4. Vintage metal signs: Hang vintage-inspired metal signs with encouraging messages for added rustic charm.

5. Shabby chic seating: Mix and match distressed chairs or stools for a cozy, lived-in look.

6. Chalkboards with galvanized frames: Replace traditional whiteboards with chalkboards framed in rustic galvanized metal.

7. Weathered wooden crates: Use wooden crates as storage or as risers for displays; their worn appearance adds extra appeal.

8. Galvanized tiered tray: Organize supplies on a beautiful, farmhouse-style tiered tray made of galvanized metal.

9. Grain sack pillows: Add small grain sack pillows to your reading nook or on benches around the room for comfort and style.

10. Windmill wall decor: Include windmill wall art to bring rural farmhouse charm into your classroom.

11. Barn door sliders: Install sliding barn doors over storage areas or closet spaces to enhance the theme while saving floor space.

12. Gingham curtains: Use gingham-patterned curtains on windows or as dividers between different learning stations in the room.

13. Milk can vase: Add fresh flowers in an old milk can to provide a cheerful focal point.

14. Vintage-style clock: Choose a large, distressed wall clock with a farmhouse aesthetic to stay on time.

15. Cotton wreaths: Hang cotton wreaths on doors or walls to add a touch of farmhouse elegance.

16. Fabric garlands: Create fabric garlands in coordinating patterns to drape across windows or bookshelves.

17. Chicken wire displays: Use chicken wire frames for displaying artwork, photos, or class schedules.

18. Rustic chalkboard labels: Label storage containers, shelves, and cubbies with hand-written chalkboard labels for an authentic touch.

19. Wooden ladder bookshelf: Re-purpose a wooden ladder as a unique and eye-catching bookshelf.

20. Farm animal prints: Display farm animal prints or paintings around the room for an extra touch of country charm.

21. Quilt displays: Feature handmade quilts on walls or draped over furniture to create a warm, homey atmosphere.

22. Plaid accents: Incorporate plaid patterns on rugs, pillows, or even chair cushions for added visual texture.

23. Shiplap walls: Install shiplap on one or more walls as a rustic yet timeless backdrop.

24. Galvanized metal letters: Spell out words like “READ,” “LEARN,” and “GROW” with galvanized metal letters mounted on the wall.

25. Tan and white color scheme: Opt for a predominantly tan and white color palette to create an airy yet cozy feel in your farmhouse-inspired classroom.


These 25 gorgeous farmhouse classroom decorating ideas are just the beginning! With so many charming elements to choose from, you can easily curate a comforting, inspiring space that helps students feel at ease while learning new things every day. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own personal touches – after all, it’s your home away from home!

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