25 Must-Try Washi Tape Ideas for Teachers

Washi tape, a versatile and colorful decorative tape, has taken the world of crafts by storm. Teachers have quickly discovered the countless creative ways to use washi tape in the classroom. Here are 25 must-try washi tape ideas for teachers to enhance their learning environment and spark students’ creativity.

1. DIY Bulletin Board Borders: Upgrade your bulletin board by creating custom borders using various patterns and colors of washi tape.

2. Classroom Calendar: Create an eye-catching calendar with washi tape gridlines and label the days of the week, month, and holidays.

3. Inspirational Quotes: Decorate your walls with uplifting quotes using washi tape as writing or to outline the text.

4. Student Nameplates: Design nameplates by combining multiple layers of washi tape with student names written on top.

5. Subject Dividers: Organize binders or clipboards with color-coded washi tape dividers, labeled according to subject.

6. Reading Corner Labels: Use washi tape as labels for bins or shelves in your reading corner, denoting genres or reading levels.

7. Door Decorations: Brighten up your classroom door with bold washi tape designs or welcoming messages.

8. Desk Schedule: Apply a thin layer of washi tape on desks to create daily schedules, allowing students to visualize their day and expectations.

9. Hall Passes: Revamp dull hall passes with playful washi tape patterns and colors.

10. Bookmarks: Craft easy-to-make bookmarks by folding over a piece of washi tape on itself with a paperclip inside.

11. Color-Code Supply Bins: Use various colors of washi tape to designate supply bins for different materials.

12. Laptop Labels: Assign students laptops by labeling them with unique washi tape designs that match their assigned numbers.

13. Math Manipulatives Labels: Organize and label math manipulatives with color-coded washi tape.

14. Science Experiment Steps: Lay out the steps for science experiments using washi tape labels for a visual guide.

15. Attendance Tracking: Create a customizable attendance tracking system with washi tape name tags and grid lines.

16. Pencil Holder Decoration: Add flair to dull pencil holders by wrapping them with colorful washi tape.

17. Whiteboard Gridlines: Craft gridlines on whiteboards for graphing exercises or guided writing practice.

18. Group Seating Arrangement Signs: Designate group seating areas using washi tape as colorful signs or arrows on the floor.

19. Growth Mindset Posters: Craft motivational posters that foster a growth mindset, using washi tape as frames or added decoration.

20. Priority Lists: Utilize different colors of washi tape to create priority lists for homework assignments or projects based on due dates.

21. Center Rotation Chart: Develop a center rotation chart with colorful and eye-catching washi tape pieces to keep students organized during independent work time.

22. Classroom Job Assignments: Assign classroom jobs to students using washi tape labels, changing them weekly or monthly as needed.

23. SmartBoard Frame: Jazz up your SmartBoard by framing it with a vibrant washi tape border.

24. Light Switch Reminder: Apply glow-in-the-dark washi tape around the light switch as a reminder for students to turn the lights off when leaving the classroom, conserving energy.

25. Alphabet Wall Art: Customize your language arts area by creating alphabet wall art with various patterns of washi tape intertwined, inspiring creativity in your young learners.

These 25 ideas showcase the endless possibilities of incorporating washi tape into your classroom environment and teaching practices, adding vibrancy and practicality to any educational space.

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