25 Red Ribbon Week Ideas and Activities

  1. Classroom Door Decorating Contest: Have students work together to decorate their classroom doors with a Red Ribbon Week theme.
  2. Wear Red Day: Encourage students and staff to wear red clothing or accessories to show support for Red Ribbon Week.
  3. Poster Contest: Organize a school-wide poster contest where students compete to create the most creative and informative Red Ribbon Week-themed poster.
  4. Red Ribbon Pledge: Have students sign a “Drug-Free Pledge” to demonstrate their commitment to stay drug-free.
  5. Classroom Bulletin Board: Create a Red Ribbon Week-themed bulletin board that showcases facts and information about drug prevention and healthy choices.
  6. Daily Morning Announcements: Share facts and statistics about drug abuse and prevention during morning announcements, highlighting the importance of staying drug-free.
  7. Guest Speakers: Invite local police officers, community leaders, or recovered addicts to speak to students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.
  8. Themed Dress-Up Days: Designate different days for creative dress-up themes related to Red Ribbon Week, such as “Crazy Hair Day” or “Pajama Day.”
  9. Drug-Free Slogan Desktop Wallpaper: Encourage teachers and students to change their computer desktop wallpaper to a drug-free slogan/image for the week.
  10. Essay Contest: Hold an essay contest where students share personal stories or their thoughts on why it’s essential to remain drug-free.
  11. Drug-Free Skits: Encourage drama classes or clubs to create skits promoting a drug-free lifestyle during assembly programs or lunchtime performances.
  12. School-Wide Rally: Hold a school-wide rally promoting drug prevention and encouraging students, staff, and families to live a healthy lifestyle.
  13. Movie Screening: Show an age-appropriate movie about addiction, recovery, or personal growth, followed by a discussion on making good choices.
  14. Red Ribbon Bingo: Create a bingo game with drug-free messages and play it during homeroom or advisory periods.
  15. Red Ribbon Bookmarks: Distribute drug-free message bookmarks to students to use in their textbooks or library books.
  16. Public Service Announcement Contest: Have students create videos or audio clips on the importance of a drug-free lifestyle and share them during lunchtime or school-wide announcements.
  17. Drug Facts Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt where students search for hidden drug facts or prevention messages around the school.
  18. Health Fair: Collaborate with local health organizations to host a health fair that focuses on providing information about drug prevention, addition, and recovery resources available in the community.
  19. Red Ribbon Photo Booth: Set up a fun photo booth with Red Ribbon Week-themed props for students and staff to take pictures together, promoting a drug-free lifestyle.
  20. Support Groups: Discuss the importance of support groups and encourage students to share their experiences or seek help if needed.
  21. Fitness Challenges: Organize fitness challenges like relay races or obstacle courses encouraging teamwork, physical activity, and promoting overall health.
  22. Share Success Stories: Invite graduates who have overcome addiction to share their stories with current students, inspiring them to make good choices.
  23. Community Mural: Collaborate with local artists to create a giant drug-free themed mural to display permanently at the school or in the community.
  24. Chain of Commitment: Have each student write their commitment to living a drug-free life on a strip of red paper. Connect the strips together to create a long chain symbolizing unity and support throughout the school.
  25. Reflection Journals: Encourage students to maintain a reflective journal during Red Ribbon Week, detailing what they have learned and how they can apply it in their daily lives.
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