25 Teacher-Approved Coding Programs for Middle School

In today’s technology-driven world, teaching coding skills to middle school students is becoming increasingly important. With so many coding programs available, deciding which ones to implement in the classroom can be a daunting task. Here is a list of 25 teacher-approved coding programs that are ideal for middle school students.

1. Scratch: This beginner-friendly platform teaches basic coding concepts through creating interactive stories and games.

2. Code.org: This non-profit organization offers a variety of computer science courses, including Hour of Code activities and game-based learning.

3. Tynker: A comprehensive platform with guided lessons, games, and other coding resources for various age groups.

4. Blockly: Developed by Google, this open-source platform uses visual blocks to teach programming concepts in a fun and interactive way.

5. CodeCombat: An online role-playing game that teaches coding through engaging gameplay.

6. Kodable: A curriculum-focused platform offering lessons on programming basics, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

7. Hopscotch: An app designed for iPad users that allows learners to create games and animations using simple programming commands.

8. Alice: Aimed at teaching object-oriented programming through 3D graphics and storytelling.

9. Bitsbox: Monthly subscription boxes that contain a variety of hands-on coding projects tailored to different grade levels.

10. Khan Academy: Provides free online courses on computer programming and web development through video lectures and practice exercises.

11. CodeSpark Academy: An app-based program teaching kids fundamental coding concepts using puzzles and games.

12. Lightbot: This puzzle-solving game helps students learn programming basics and logic skills without writing any code themselves.

13. Swift Playgrounds: An iPad app that teaches Swift programming language through engaging puzzles and challenges.

14. GameSalad: A game design tool allowing users to create their own computer games while learning coding principles.

15. Sphero Edu: Integrates robotics and coding through hands-on activities with programmable Sphero robots.

16. CoderZ: An online platform that uses virtual robots to teach coding, robotics, and STEM skills.

17. Repl.it: A powerful online programming environment where students can write and run code in various languages.

18. Codesters: This browser-based platform teaches Python programming while providing coding challenges and projects for students.

19. Codecademy: Offers comprehensive courses in multiple programming languages through interactive learning modules.

20. CodeHS: A curriculum-driven platform that provides introductory courses in computer science, web development, and cybersecurity.

21. Pencil Code: A collaborative programming environment where users can easily create and share personal projects.

22. Made with Code: Google’s initiative to empower girls to learn coding through creative projects and inspirational role models.

23. Thunkable: An app builder that allows students to create custom apps for iOS and Android devices without any coding experience.

24. Raspberry Pi: A low-cost, credit-card-sized computer that teaches programming concepts through hands-on activities.

25. Minecraft: Education Edition: An educational version of the popular game that incorporates coding lessons and STEM activities within its immersive world.

These 25 teacher-approved coding programs offer a diverse range of options for middle school students, enabling educators to select the best resources that suit their classroom needs and inspire their students to develop crucial coding skills for the future.

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