25 Teacher-Approved Outdoor Toys to Get Kids Learning & Moving

1. Hula Hoops: These classic toys not only help improve physical coordination, but also encourage outdoor play and burning energy.

2. Jump Ropes: Great for developing coordination, balance, and endurance, jump ropes are a versatile and fun way to get kids moving.

3. Sidewalk Chalk: Encouraging creativity, sidewalk chalk can be used for drawing, hopscotch grids, and more, providing hours of fun.

4. Soccer Balls: Kids can learn teamwork and develop their gross motor skills while playing soccer.

5. Frisbees: Frisbees are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination, making them a great addition to any outdoor games collection.

6. Playground Balls: Perfect for kickball or other ball games, these balls encourage physical activity and team-building skills.

7. Tug-of-War Rope: This simple yet effective game helps build both teamwork and upper body strength.

8. Gardening Tools: Encourage kids to learn about plants and the environment by providing child-sized gardening tools including shovels, rakes, and watering cans.

9. Bubbles: Simple yet mesmerizing, bubbles are an excellent way to keep younger children entertained outside while also helping to develop their fine motor skills.

10. Scooters: Scooters promote balance and coordination while providing endless fun as kids zip around the neighborhood.

11. Trampoline: Teachers love trampolines for building strength, balance and promoting an active lifestyle.

12. Pogo Sticks: These bouncy toys help build gross motor skills as well focus and determination as kids try to hop as many times as possible.

13. Water Table: A fantastic sensory play opportunity that allows kids to explore water properties such as sinking or floating while engaging in a group activity.

14. Obstacle Course Kit: Let the kids set up their own obstacle course, helping them improve their problem-solving skills and motor coordination.

15. Chutes and Ladders: A large outdoor version of this popular board game is perfect for teaching counting and number recognition.

16. Bean Bag Toss: A classic game that helps develop gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and patience.

17. Balance Beam: This playground staple improves balance and coordination while also building core strength.

18. Sandboxes: Perfect for sensory play, sandboxes can keep kids entertained for hours while they build their fine motor and creative thinking skills.

19. Velcro Paddleball Set: This simple yet fun game helps develop coordination while providing a great way to engage kids in outdoor play.

20. Croquet Set: Teach kids the basics of this quintessential outdoor game while working on their fine motor skills and strategic thinking abilities.

21. Parachute Games: Perfect for large groups, parachute games help teach cooperation, coordination, and timing skills.

22. Kites: Flying kites is an excellent way to get kids outside, teach them about wind and weather patterns, and work on their coordination skills.

23. Scavenger Hunt Kit: Encourage exploration and discovery with a pre-made scavenger hunt kit or create your own using natural items found outdoors.

24. Bocce Ball Set: Bocce is an easy-to-learn game that promotes strategy, precision, and teamwork among players.

25. Butterfly Nets: Inspire young naturalists by providing butterfly nets for them to explore the wildlife in their backyard or nearby parks.

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