26 Fun Button Activities for Kids


Buttons are versatile and excellent crafting materials for children, providing endless opportunities for creativity, learning and fun. Here are 26 exciting button activities your kids will love.

1. Button Art: Encourage your child to create their own masterpiece using different colored and sized buttons.

2. Button Sorting: Teach your child sorting skills by asking them to sort buttons based on color, size or shape.

3. Button Memory Game: Make a simple memory game by gluing matching pairs of buttons onto index cards or small pieces of cardboard.

4. Button Snakes: Using a piece of yarn or string, children can thread buttons to make a colorful snake.

5. Button Bracelets: Your kids can create stylish bracelets by threading elastic cords through buttonholes.

6. Button Collages: Provide cardstock and glue for children to create unique button collages.

7. Button Sensory Bin: Fill a bin with buttons, and let your child explore textures and colors using their hands.

8. Button Counting: Enhance early math skills by asking your kid to count buttons or group them by specific numbers.

9. Alphabet Buttons: Assign different letters to specific button colors, then ask your child to spell words using the appropriate buttons.

10. Button Tic-Tac-Toe: Create a tic-tac-toe game board using two different colored sets of buttons as the markers.

11. DIY Button Games: Use buttons as game pieces for homemade board games or as simple counters.

12. Color Matching Puzzle: Cut out various shapes in cardstock and ask kids to fill the shapes with matching colored buttons.

13. Button Stamps: Glue buttons onto bottle caps or corks to create unique stamps for arts and crafts projects.

14. Pretend Play Buttons: Decorate a handbag, shoes or clothing with removable buttons for imaginative role-playing games.

15. String Art With Buttons: Use push pins, string and buttons to create colorful, unique string art.

16. Button Matching Game: Create a matching game with sets of identical buttons, and encourage your child to find matches.

17. Button Bingo: Develop a customized button-themed bingo game for hours of fun.

18. Button Necklaces: Teach your child how to make button necklaces using yarn or string and an assortment of fun buttons.

19. Musical Buttons: Create a simple musical instrument by attaching various buttons to a tin can and shaking.

20. Button Tree Craft: Make a beautiful tree craft using real twigs or brown pipe cleaners for branches and colorful buttons as leaves.

21. Button Mandala: Encourage calm creativity by making gorgeous button mandalas on cardstock or small wooden rounds.

22. Button Bookmarks: Your kids can create personalized bookmarks from large paper clips and colorful buttons.

23. Button Math: Teach basic addition and subtraction by using buttons as visual aids.

24. Button Wind Chimes: String together some old or decorative buttons onto fishing line, then hang them together to enjoy the sweet tinkling sound in the breeze.

25. Button Patterning: Work with your child to create repeating patterns with different buttons based on size, shape or color.

26. Storytelling With Buttons: Use different colors of buttons to represent characters, places, and events in a story your child creates.


With these 26 fun button activities for kids, you’ll be able to promote creativity, learning, and hands-on play while making lasting memories together!

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