27 Amazing Activities for Learning Shapes


Teaching children about shapes is an essential aspect of their early education, as it forms the foundation for geometry and spatial awareness. These 27 amazing activities will help young learners become familiar with various shapes and bond with their peers or caregivers while having lots of fun.

1. Shape Hunt: Provide children with a list of shapes to find around their environment, such as in nature, at home, or on a walk.

2. Shape Sorting: Provide a collection of shape manipulatives and encourage children to group them based on their similarities.

3. Playdough Shapes: Use playdough to create various shapes and let the child mimic those shapes.

4. Shape Collage: Make a tacky collage using various shaped cutouts from paper or magazines.

5. Geoboards: Experiment with rubber bands and pegboards to create different geometric patterns and shapes.

6. Tangram Puzzles: Solve puzzles by arranging the pieces to form specific shapes or designs.

7. Water Bead Sensory Bin: Fill a sensory bin with water beads and submerge small plastic shape manipulatives for children to discover through touch.

8. Outdoor Chalk Obstacle Course: Use sidewalk chalk to draw various shapes on the ground that kids must traverse correctly.

9. Shape Yoga: Incorporate yoga poses that resemble different shapes, such as triangles, squares, and circles.

10. Simon Says Shapes: Give verbal commands like “Simon says touch a circle” while showing an example for reference.

11. Shape Stamping: Use sponges or cookie cutters dipped in paint for some shape-based stamp art on paper or fabric.

12. Marble Maze Painting: Tape different-shaped paper plates onto large sheets of paper for a makeshift maze; then roll marbles around in paint before placing them into the maze.

13. Pattern Block Art: Encourage children to create pictures and designs with pattern blocks.

14. Musical Shape Chairs: Place different-shaped papers on chairs, and play musical chairs while identifying each shape as it’s landed on.

15. Shapes Memory Game: Create memory cards in various shapes, and try to match them up without looking at the card.

16. Button Sorting: Provide a collection of buttons to sort by shape, size, and color.

17. Popsicle Stick Shapes: Use craft sticks to make different shapes, either by gluing or arranging them.

18. Building Block Shapes: Encourage children to construct their own 2D or 3D shapes using building blocks.

19. Story Time: Read picture books that highlight the theme of shapes.

20. Sandwich Shape Cutters: Encourage healthy eating and learning by cutting sandwiches into various shaped bites.

21. Sticker Mosaics: Create mosaics using differently shaped colorful stickers on paper or other surfaces.

22. Lego Patterns: Use multicolored Lego blocks to create and replicate patterns involving different shapes.

23. Pipe Cleaner Sculptures: Mold pipe cleaners into 3D shapes to create sculptures and tactile practice objects.

24. Hidden Shape Painting: Draw shapes with white crayon on white paper, then use watercolor paint to reveal the hidden shapes.

25. I Spy Shapes: Play a game of “I Spy” focusing on identifying various shapes in the surrounding environment.

26. Puzzle Piece Pictures: Assemble puzzles that have specific shaped pieces that form pictures when combined correctly.

27. Shape Detective: Act as a shape detective and explore the environment for clues about how certain shapes function in the real world – such as circles for wheels or triangles for rooftops.


These 27 activities offer engaging and educational ways for children to become familiar with different shapes while enjoying a fun bonding experience with caregivers .

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