27 Christmas Graphing Activities for Middle School


Christmas is a magical time of year, and it also provides a unique opportunity to make learning more festive and engaging for middle school students. One way to get students excited about math during the holiday season is through themed graphing activities. These 27 Christmas graphing activities are perfect for middle schoolers and are sure to bring joy to your classroom.

1. Christmas Tree Coordinate Graphing: Students plot coordinates onto a grid to create a Christmas tree shape and then connect the dots.

2. Santa’s Sleigh Slope: Teach students about slopes by having them calculate the path of Santa’s sleigh on a coordinate plane.

3. Reindeer Scatter Plots: Use real-life data on reindeer populations to create scatter plots and analyze trends.

4. Festive Line Graphs: Compare the growth of various types of holiday trees using line graphs.

5. Elf Employment Bar Graph: Analyze elf employment rates at the North Pole throughout history using bar graphs.

6. Gingerbread House Geometry: Study the geometric shapes found in gingerbread house designs using graph paper.

7. Snowflake Symmetry: Investigate different snowflake symmetry patterns through graphing activities.

8. Holiday Sales Histograms: Compare holiday sales data using histograms.

9. Ornament Pie Charts: Create pie charts to represent the different types of ornaments used on a Christmas tree.

10. Presents under the Tree Box Plots: Analyze data on gift distribution under the tree using box plots.

11. Christmas Light Sequences: Study and graph repeating patterns found in strings of Christmas lights.

12. Festive Function Tables: Evaluate functions related to Christmas activities by constructing tables and graphs.

13. Seasonal Stockings Stem-and-Leaf Plots: Display stocking stuffer prices using stem-and-leaf plots.

14. Caroling Frequency Tables & Line Plots: Analyze data on the number of carolers in neighborhoods using frequency tables and line plots.

15. Christmas Emoji Pictographs: Create and interpret pictographs using holiday-themed emojis.

16. Naughty or Nice Logistic Regression: Predict whether a child will end up on Santa’s naughty or nice list using logistic regression.

17. Yuletide Countdown Calendar: Students create a personalized countdown calendar using data visualization techniques.

18. Elf Productivity Line Graph: Track elf toy production throughout December with a line graph.

19. Snowman Size Scatter Plots: Examine the relationship between snowman sizes and ambient temperatures using scatter plots.

20. Gingerbread Man Quadrants: Practice identifying graph quadrants with a gingerbread man design challenge.

21. Candy Cane Fractions Bar Graphs: Compare the popularity of different candy cane flavors using bar graphs and fractions.

22. Winter Weather Patterns Line Plot: Analyze winter weather data for patterns using a line plot and averages.

23. Poinsettia Flower Area and Perimeter: Calculate the area and perimeter of poinsettia flowers in various sizes using graphing techniques.

24. Comparing Holiday Lights Line Plot: Compare the energy efficiency of different types of Christmas lights using line plots.

25. Christmas Movie Ratings Histograms: Analyze ratings for top Christmas movies using histograms.

26. Peppermint Spiral Tessellations: Create tessellations inspired by peppermint candies.

27. Wreath Proportions Circle Graphs: Explore proportional relationships in wreath designs through circle graphs.


These 27 Christmas graphing activities not only engage middle school students in math lessons but also bring some festive fun to learning during the holiday season. By incorporating these activities into your curriculum, you can make math more exciting for all while reinforcing important concepts and skills. Happy holidays and happy graphing!

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