27 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Teachers That Your Class Will Love

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a time for couples to celebrate – it’s also a perfect opportunity for teachers to incorporate themes of love, kindness, and friendship into their classroom activities. From crafting and learning to playing and partying, here are 27 fun Valentine’s Day ideas that will surely make the day special for your class.

1. Craft a Friendship Wreath: Have each student contribute a heart with their name on it to a class wreath.

2. Valentine Card Exchange: Set up a mailbox for students to deliver valentine cards to each other.

3. Historical Valentines: Teach them about the history of Valentine’s Day with a creative storytelling session.

4. Love-Themed Pictionary: Use words related to love and friendship for a game of Pictionary.

5. DIY Heart Bookmarks: Create simple bookmarks that students can personalize and use.

6. Heart-Shaped Snacks: Bake heart-shaped cookies or make sandwiches cut into hearts.

7. Love Note Writing Workshop: Encourage students to write notes of appreciation to friends and family.

8. Balloon Pop Quiz: Put math or vocabulary questions inside balloons – pop to answer.

9. Random Acts of Kindness Challenge: Encourage random acts of kindness in class or around the school.

10. Friendship Salad: Each student brings in a fruit and together, they make a class fruit salad.

11. Valentine’s Day SCOOT: Get kids moving with a game where they answer questions at different stations.

12. Heart Relay Race: A PE activity where students race while balancing paper hearts.

13. Create Valentine Decorations: Use recycled materials to decorate the classroom.

14. ‘Things I Love’ Poster Session: Students create posters showcasing their favorite things.

15. Valentine Bingo: Play bingo with cards featuring Valentine symbols instead of numbers.

16. Gratitude Circle: Share something you appreciate about another person in the class.

17. Love Poems Reading Hour: Read and discuss famous love poems appropriate for their age group.

18. Cupid’s Arrow Toss: A fun throwing game using homemade arrows and targets labeled with points.

19. Partner Art Projects: Pair up students to create collaborative works of art.

20. Heart Health Lesson: Teach the importance of keeping your heart healthy through diet and exercise.

21. Science of Love Activity: Explore pheromones or how feelings affect our bodies scientifically.

22. Romantic Music Analysis: Discuss the feelings conveyed in common romantic tunes, instrumentally and lyrically (age-appropriate).

23. Kindness Role-Playing: Act out scenarios showing kindness in action.

24. Secret Friend Week: Assign secret friends to show kindness anonymously leading up to V-Day.

25. Geography of Love: Identify countries on a map and discuss their Valentine’s Day traditions.

26. Love Around the World Presentation: Students research and present on how love is celebrated globally.

27. Self-Love Yoga Session: Host a calming yoga session focusing on self-love affirmations.

These activities can foster an environment of inclusivity, respect, adoration, and care among your students on Valentine’s Day – not just towards others but towards themselves as well!

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