30 Colorfully Crazy Mardi Gras Games, Crafts, and Treats for Kids


Get ready to celebrate Mardi Gras with your kids by indulging in these 30 colorful, crazy and creative games, crafts, and treats. This list will keep them entertained throughout the party and help them create memories that will last a lifetime!


1. Mardi Gras Mask-Making Contest

2. Treasure Hunt with Doubloons

3. Bead Toss

4. Costume Parade

5. King Cake Walk

6. Mini Float Decorating Competition

7. Purple, Green and Gold Relay Race

8. Jester’s Freeze Dance

9. Balloon Pop Challenge with Mardi Gras Surprises

10. Umbrella Decorating Race


1. DIY Confetti Poppers

2. Glittery Feathered Masks

3. Toilet Paper Roll Jester Hats

4. Beaded Necklaces or Bracelets Making

5. Mardi Gras Slime Creation Station

6. Festive Mardi Gras Shakers (using recycled bottles)

7. Paper Bead Crowns and Tiaras

8. Handprint Parades (using finger paint)

9. DIY Doubloon Coasters (made from tile pieces)

10. Crepe Paper Streamer Wreaths


1. King Cake Cupcakes or Miniature King Cakes

2. Crescent Moon Sandwiches with Purple, Green, and Gold Fillings

3. Colorful Popcorn with Edible Glitter

4. Mardi Gras-themed Sugar Cookies

5. Fruity Jambalaya Skewers

6. Beignet Bites with colorful powdered sugar

7. Doubloon Chocolate Coins Wrapped in Foil

8. Carnival Kabobs (fruit skewers with marshmallows)

9. Headerables.odifierandy-Infused Mocktails for Kids

10. Swamp Slushies (green punch with floating candy)


With these 30 colorfully crazy Mardi Gras games, crafts, and treats, your children’s celebrations will be packed with excitement and creativity. Have fun exploring the vibrant world of Mardi Gras with your little ones and create a party to remember!

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