4 Paper Christmas Tree Topper Templates

Creating a unique Christmas tree topper out of paper can be a fun DIY project to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. Below, find four distinct paper templates that you can use to craft your very own Christmas tree topper.

1.Classic Star Tree Topper Template:

A classic star should never be underestimated. It’s the quintessential symbol of the Christmas holiday and looks great atop any tree. To create it:

– Cut out a five-pointed star shape from a sturdy piece of card stock.

– Decorate with glitter, metallic paint, or wrapping paper for extra shine.

– Use a cone-shaped attachment at the base or simply make a slit in one point to sit it comfortably on the highest branch.

2.Angel Tree Topper Template:

Angels are another traditional tree topper choice that brings a sense of peace and divinity to your Christmas setup.

– Print or draw an angel silhouette on heavy paper.

– Add design details like wings and a halo using gold foil or markers.

– You can give your angel more dimension by crafting a three-dimensional skirt or gown from pleated paper underneath the silhouette.

3.Snowflake Tree Topper Template:

For those dreaming of a white Christmas, a snowflake design can capture the essence of winter’s beauty.

– Start with a six-pointed snowflake design printed on translucent paper for elegance.

– Accentuate the intricate cuts and lines with glitter or sequins to mimic the sparkle of real snow.

– Ensure the center is reinforced so it will perch gracefully at the top of your tree without wilting.

4.Bow Tree Topper Template:

If you’re aiming for something less traditional and more playful, consider topping your tree with a huge festive bow.

– Use sturdy gift wrap or construction paper for this particular design.

– Purposeful folds and well-placed tape will help create full loops and tails that have some volume.

– Fasten it securely atop your tree, ensuring it’s snug but not so tight that it creases or tears the paper.

Each template provides room for creativity, allowing you to tweak colors, sizes, and embellishments to match your personal style and overall Christmas theme. With these templates as your starting point, making your home merry and bright with handmade décor is easier than ever.

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