5 Anti-Racism Videos for School Staff


In today’s diverse and ever-changing society, it has become increasingly important for educators to facilitate a safe, inclusive, and anti-racist environment within their schools. The following five videos serve as valuable resources for school staff members in understanding the importance of addressing racism, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a compassionate learning environment.

1. Understanding Implicit Bias

Title: [“Peanut Butter, Jelly and Racism”](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbt_Fl0FOSM)

This animated video from The New York Times delves into the concept of implicit bias and how our unconscious thoughts can unknowingly shape our actions. By using humor and real-life examples, the video explains the importance of recognizing our preconceptions and working towards an anti-racist approach in our daily lives.

2. Recognizing White Privilege

Title: [“What is Privilege?”](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sD5_Q7nhyM)

This video presents a creative social experiment that illustrates the idea of white privilege. It employs a metaphorical race where individuals are given certain advantages or disadvantages based on their backgrounds. The video can aid in fostering discussions about unequal opportunities and systemic racism within the education system.

3. Microaggressions in Education

Title: [“Three Ways to Respond to Microaggressions”](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMK8vBiUUkw)

TEDx speaker Kevin Nadal provides a powerful talk focused on microaggressions experienced by marginalized groups. This video is an informative resource for educators, as it delineates three methods to counteract microaggressions in educational settings to create an inclusive environment for all students.

4. Black Lives Matter Movement and Schools

Title: [“The Intersection”])


This TED Talk delivered by educator and activist Brittany Packnett highlights the relevance of the Black Lives Matter movement for educators. By sharing her experiences, Packnett emphasizes the importance of supporting and empowering black children in schools in order to create equitable opportunities for them.

5. Culturally Responsive Teaching

Title: [“Beneath the Surface: Using Texts to Teach about Implicit Bias, Racism and Social Justice”](https://www.youtube.com/watch?


In this talk, Dr. Tricia Hyun explores how educators can address implicit bias, racism, and social justice through the teaching of texts. She provides concrete examples and strategies for implementing culturally responsive pedagogy in classrooms to help bridge the gaps between diverse learners and promote a truly inclusive environment.


The educational system is an essential setting for addressing racism and promoting an inclusive environment for all members. These five videos serve as invaluable resources to assist school staff members in recognizing their own implicit biases, understanding white privilege and microaggressions, validating the relevance of social movements such as Black Lives Matter, and employing culturally responsive teaching methods to create a more equitable learning environment.

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