5 Fun Print-and-Go Money Math Games for Middle/High School You Can Play With Your Students Today!

Teaching money management and financial literacy is essential for middle and high school students. To make learning about money more engaging and interactive, try incorporating games into your lesson plan. Here are five fun print-and-go money math games that you can play with your students today:

1. The Budget Game

This game teaches students how to create and manage a budget, preparing them for real-world financial responsibilities. Print out budget templates along with a list of expenses, such as housing, utilities, and food. Have the students create and balance their imaginary budgets while making important financial decisions.

2. Money Ladder

Money Ladder is an exciting print-and-go game that tests students’ knowledge of dollar bills, coins, and their values. Create ladders on a piece of paper with each step representing a specific bill or coin value. Students climb the ladder by correctly identifying each step’s value and grabbing the correct change for the top step.

3. Savings Race

In this board game-style activity, students learn about saving money, setting goals, and tapping into different savings methods to reach their desired amount faster. Print out the game board that includes various obstacles and milestones as well as blank spaces for players to list their respective savings goals.

4. Entrepreneur Challenge

Ignite your students’ entrepreneurial spirit with this fun game that encourages them to create their own business ideas. Provide printable worksheets with prompts such as startup costs, target audience, marketing strategy, and profit projections. Students work in teams or individually to create a winning pitch.

5. Credit Score Quest

This printable card-based game teaches students about credit scores, how they’re calculated, and their impact on future finances. Create sets of cards with questions or scenarios related to credit scores, positive habits (e.g., timely bill payments), and negative consequences (e.g., unpaid loans). Have students answer the questions, navigate scenarios, and aim for the highest credit score.

These print-and-go money math games offer an enjoyable way to teach middle and high school students about crucial financial concepts. By incorporating these activities into your lessons, you can equip your students with valuable knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions as they grow older. So go ahead, print out the games, and let the learning begin!

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