5 Ways to Incorporate SEL in Middle School

Although social and emotional learning (SEL) has been shown to be beneficial in early childhood, incorporating it into middle school can be tricky. Here are five ways to get started:

  1. Start with the basics. Make sure that all students understand the importance of empathy and social skills and that they are taught how to build those skills. This can be done through assemblies, teacher-led discussions, and homework assignments.
  2. Help students develop positive social media habits. Help them learn to use social media for good, not just for entertainment. For example, have them create social media profiles for public service projects or learn about the importance of online privacy.
  3. Incorporate group work into the curriculum. Having students work together in groups is a great way to help them learn problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. This can be done through team-building exercises, group research projects, and cooperative learning activities.
  4. Encourage creative thinking. SEL encompasses more than just academic learning; it includes the ability to think outside the box and be creative. Help your students learn how to do this by providing opportunities for them to use their imagination and by modeling appropriate problem-solving and creativity behaviors.
  5. Connect SEL learning with real-world experiences. Having students participate in community service projects or learn about the effects of social media on society can help them to connect the dots between their classroom learning and the real world.
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