5 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom

A word cloud is a great way to display the different words that are being used in a text or document. This can help students to see the main topics being discussed more clearly. Additionally, word clouds can be a helpful way to help students to remember the different words that are being used.

Word cloud can be used:

  1. As a tool for summarizing information.
  2. To help students remember key points.
  3. To identify common themes.
  4. To illustrate points.

5 Ways to Strategize the Use Word Clouds in the Classroom:

  1. Select words that best represent the topic at hand.
  2. Use colors and symbols to help viewers quickly understand the information.
  3. Use a variety of fonts and sizes to create a visually appealing word cloud.
  4. Use cloud patterns to help viewers see the relationships between words.
  5. Use a cloud generator to create a custom word cloud for your classroom.
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