6 Fun Indoor Ball Games and Activities

Ball games are often associated with outdoor play, but there’s no reason the fun has to stop when you’re stuck indoors. Whether it’s because of bad weather, a strict home schedule, or simply a lack of outdoor space, these six fun indoor ball games and activities ensure that the good times roll right inside your home!

1. Balloon Ball – Blow up a few balloons and use them as makeshift balls to toss back and forth. You could play traditional balloon volleyball by stringing up a makeshift net or just enjoy keeping the balloon in the air. The slow movement of the balloon allows for quick adjustments and provides fun for all ages.

2. Sock Basketball – All you need is a laundry basket and some rolled-up socks. Set up your basket at one end of a room, mark your shooting line with tape, and shoot hoops! To spice things up, make different scoring zones or create trick shot challenges.

3. Indoor Bowling – Clear a hallway or a long room and set up empty plastic bottles at the end as pins. Use any soft ball – a foam ball works perfectly – and roll it towards your DIY pins to knock them down. Keep score or simply enjoy the challenge of getting that satisfying strike!

4. Bean Bag Toss – Bean bags are perfect for indoor use as they’re less likely to cause damage or injury. Create targets using boxes, hoops, or even drawn shapes on pieces of paper placed on the ground. Toss the bean bags into the targets to score points.

5. Hallway Soccer – Set up two goal areas on either end of a hallway using tape or small cones. Use a soft foam ball as your soccer ball to prevent damage as you dribble and shoot between makeshift goals.

6. Table Tennis Balloon – No table tennis table? No problem! Clear off your dining table, set up an impromptu net using stacked books or boxes, and use paddles (or even your hands) to keep a balloon going back and forth across the ‘net’. Just like in table tennis, try to keep the balloon in play for as long as possible.

These indoor ball games provide safe entertainment without damaging your home or risking injury. They can help improve coordination, encourage exercise, and offer endless hours of giggles and excitement for friends and family alike. With these games, there’s no need for sunshine or vast outdoor spaces to have a rolling good time!

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