6 Subtraction Strategies to Help Students with Mental Maths

Subtraction is a fundamental arithmetic skill that students use throughout their education. Developing strong mental math abilities can significantly ease the learning process in mathematics and related disciplines. Here are six effective subtraction strategies to help students improve their mental math skills:

1.Counting Back: This strategy is straightforward and involves counting back from the number being subtracted from. For example, if the problem is 15 – 3, the student counts back three numbers from 15, resulting in an answer of 12.

2.Using a Number Line: A number line is a visual tool that helps students understand the concept of subtraction as distance between numbers. Students can visually jump backward on the line to subtract.

3.Decomposing Numbers: This strategy involves breaking down numbers into parts that are easier to subtract. For example, to solve 36 – 17, decompose 17 into 10 and 7, subtract 10 to get 26, and then subtract 7 to arrive at the final answer of 19.

4.Subtracting in Steps: Large numbers can be made more manageable by subtracting in smaller chunks or steps. For instance, for 150 – 75, you could first subtract 50 (getting you to 100) and then subtract the remaining 25.

5.Doubling and Halving: When both numbers involved in the subtraction are even, you can halve them to make calculations simpler and then double the result of the subtraction to find the original difference. For example, with 20 – 8, halve them to get 10 – 4 (which is easier to calculate), then double your result of 6 to get back to the larger scale and an answer of 12.

6.Using Complements: Knowing number complements—the number needed to add up to a round figure like ten—can be extremely helpful. If a student needs to calculate something like 1000 – 432, it helps first to understand that the complement of 432 is 568, because both add up to a clean thousand.

Integrating these strategies into classroom practice can empower students not just with different methods of subtraction but also enhance their overall numerical fluency and confidence in handling math problems mentally.

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