6 Ways to Teach Grit, Leadership, and More With Our Favorite Disney Books

Teaching valuable life skills such as grit, leadership, and cooperation can have a lasting impact on a child’s character development. Utilizing stories from Disney books is an excellent way to introduce these concepts in a fun and engaging manner. Here are six ways to use your favorite Disney books to teach essential life lessons.

1. Use ‘The Lion King’ to Explore Courage and Leadership

In ‘The Lion King,’ young Simba faces numerous challenges as he takes on the mantle of king after the death of his father, Mufasa. The book provides ample opportunities to discuss leadership qualities that entail responsibility, courage, and being able to learn from past mistakes.

2. Encourage Grit with ‘Moana’

The story of ‘Moana’ is centered around the protagonist’s unwavering determination to protect her people. Moana’s inability to give up despite setbacks is a great way to introduce the concept of grit and perseverance. Use this book as an opportunity to guide discussions about overcoming obstacles, learning from challenges, and never giving up on one’s dreams.

3. Understand Empathy through Cinderella’s Experiences

‘Cinderella’ offers valuable lessons about empathy and getting over difficult situations by putting oneself in others’ shoes. Take readers through Cinderella’s experiences of hardship and neglect before she finds happiness. Discuss how her kindness and understanding nature helped her build positive relationships that ultimately led to her success.

4. Learn Leadership Qualities with Mulan

Mulan’s story presents a unique opportunity for children to understand the importance of courage, self-sacrifice, and humility in leadership. Reflect on Mulan’s ability to put her ego aside, work together with others despite challenges, and lead her troop to victory under unusual circumstances.

5. Recognize Patience and Perseverance in ‘The Little Mermaid’

Ariel’s journey in ‘The Little Mermaid’ is a perfect example of patience and perseverance, two vital qualities for achieving one’s goals. Discuss Ariel’s adventure with children, highlighting the many challenges she faces and the need for patience in reaching her objectives.

6. Teach Teamwork by Using ‘Toy Story’

‘Toy Story’ is an excellent resource for discussing teamwork and cooperation. Talk about the characters in the book and how they work together to overcome obstacles while leveraging each other’s strengths to succeed as a team.

By using these six Disney books and their captivating stories, you can introduce essential life skills such as grit, leadership, empathy, and teamwork to the young readers in your life. These lessons will help them face various challenges with determination and a positive attitude, preparing them for success later in life.

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