7 Essential Discussion Questions for “13 Reasons Why”

1. How does “13 Reasons Why” portray mental health and its impact on teenagers?

The Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” generated much conversation about mental health in its depiction of teen suicide. How do you feel the show portrays mental health issues, particularly among young people?

2. How does the series depict the role of bullying in modern schools?

Bullying features prominently in the events leading up to Hannah’s tragic decision. What messages does the series send about the various forms of bullying and their potentially harmful effects on individuals targeted?

3. In what ways does “13 Reasons Why” address parental involvement and communication?

Parents appear in the series as central figures who navigate complex relationships with their children. To what extent do you think “13 Reasons Why” demonstrates effective communication between parents and their teenage children?

4. How does the show portray accountability and responsibility for one’s actions?

Throughout the series, different characters are held accountable for their involvement in Hannah’s life. In your opinion, how effectively does “13 Reasons Why” explore the importance of taking responsibility for your actions?

5. How is grief and loss addressed in “13 Reasons Why”?

Each character in the series deals with grief differently after losing Hannah. Discuss the various ways these individuals cope with their emotions and what messages the show provides about processing grief.

6. Do you believe “13 Reasons Why” effectively sparks conversation about mental health and suicide prevention?

One purpose behind the creation of this controversial show was to generate discussions around difficult topics such as mental health and suicide prevention. Do you feel that it achieves this goal—and if so, why or why not?

7. What impact do you believe shows like “13 Reasons Why” may have on viewers’ attitudes towards mental health awareness?

Thought-provoking series like “13 Reasons Why” can inspire debate about significant social issues. What do you think may be the lasting implications of such shows on raising awareness and understanding of mental health?

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